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Innovation Physician Referral Management

The Avtex Physician Referral Management (PRM) program enables health systems to quickly deploy solutions that drive new revenue through new physician acquisition, increasing out of network referrals, and reducing patient leakage through improved patient engagement. The PRM program improves adoption, clarity and transparency throughout the referral process and results in a better physician and patient experience.

Referrals are a critical moment in a patient’s journey, with significant implications for both providers and patients. For a provider, referrals represent a unique opportunity to achieve clinical goals while driving additional revenue through a broader network of healthcare specialists. For patients, referrals allow access to specialty care which ultimately leads to an improvement in quality of life and health outcomes.

Attract Referring Physicians With Targeted, Personalized Campaigns

  • Acquire new referring physicians for your health network.
  • Improve visibility into the referral process.
  • Reduce “no shows” and patient leakage.
  • Enhance communication between referring physicians and specialists.
  • Improve utilization to track patient progress through the care continuum.
  • Analyze data to track referral trends and patterns.
  • Report on key metrics and insights.
  • Improve experience, loyalty and retention.
  • Increase revenue and improve patient health outcomes.

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Empower Exceptional Experiences While Driving Increased Revenue

Acquire Physicians: Leverage your data and combine with other Avtex data sources to identify physicians not referring patients today or physicians with low referral rates.

Personalize Engagement:
Utilize unified data and our Avtex healthcare expertise to deliver personalized messaging that drives increased adoption.

Reduce Leakage:
Deploy digital outreach via multiple channels, making it easy for patients to interact with your health system and reduce “leakage” of patients to seek out of network care.

Improve Segmentation:
Define micro-segments of your patient populations with powerful AI/ML capabilities and guidence from Avtex healthcare experts.

Provide Frictionless Experiences:
Save time, automate referral workflows, and improve scheduling and other processes via integration to decrease bottlenecks within your health system.

Track Your Success:
Detailed dashboards track and monitor KPIs and success metrics to ensure your investments are driving results.

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