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Innovation Personalized Virtual Lending

Gain a competitive advantage and build more meaningful customer relationships with Personalized Virtual Lending. Leveraging Microsoft Cloud for Financial Services, powered by Dynamics 365, Power Apps, Teams, and our own financial services prowess, Avtex fuels exceptional customer experiences for financial institutions.

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Drive Employee Efficiency and Deliver Personalized Experiences for Borrowers

Permanent shifts in consumer behavior have made a significant impact on the financial services industry. Customers expect hyper-personalized, digital-first experiences fueled by modernized core systems and a deep understanding of the customer. Avtex has leveraged our Financial Services expertise to analyze client needs and package offers on the Microsoft Cloud to address heightened expectations and deliver seamless experiences.

Personalize the Experience

Dynamics 365 provides a complete view of your customers’ demographics, transactional and third-party information, embedded directly within the Teams pane, enabling Loan Specialists to provide personalized experiences throughout the origination and onboarding process.

Reduce Cycle Times

Eliminate redundant, repetitive data gathering and entry, to decrease cycle times and abandonment rates. With Personalized Virtual Lending, Avtex provides better insights to Loan Officers and automates next steps.

Drive Employee Efficiency

Avtex helps you reduce manual, redundant steps to free up your employees and improve job satisfaction.

Improve Your Bottom Line

Achieve scalable growth in your lending business with Personalized Virtual Lending.

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of banks uncovered shortcomings in their institution's digital capabilities in 2020.

Enhancing the Employee and Customer Experience

With help from Avtex you can provide better insight to Loan Officers on both their customers and on their overall pipeline, help them organize next steps and actions, and ultimately provide a seamless, personalized experience for borrowers.

  • Deliver personalized, omnichannel experiences
  • Eliminate redundant, repetitive data gathering and entry
  • Gain access to a unified view of customer information
  • Build seamless processes for employees and customers
  • Focus more on relationship building and providing advice on lending needs
  • Deploy a consolidated sales and origination management platform
  • Improve lead qualification and scoring
  • Automate tasks for Loan Officers

Personalized Virtual Lending

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