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Innovation Patient Activation Program

The Avtex Patient Activation Program enables health system and payer organizations to quickly deploy solutions that support improved management of conditions such as: diabetes, hypertension, breast and colon cancer.

Improve Patient Engagement and Health Outcomes

The pandemic prevented many patients from seeking the care they needed. Health systems lost millions, and collectively the industry lost over $20B in 2020. In addition, patient health has declined, due to this decrease in care visits. In response to this situation, Avtex has launched a chronic condition response solution to help healthcare organizations engage with those patients most at risk, improve the patient experience, drive improved patient engagement, reduce the cost of care, and improve health outcomes.

Patient Reactivation Program Benefits

With help from Avtex, you can improve patient experience, strengthen patient loyalty, increase productivity, maximize savings, and proactively communicate through an
omnichannel solution.

  • Manage high-cost chronic conditions.
  • Meet patients where they are.
  • Proactively notify eligible patients.
  • Monitor and improve health outcomes.
  • Capture patient insights and intent.
  • Deploy preventative tools and screening.
  • Report on key metrics and insights.
  • Improve experience, loyalty and retention.
  • Increase health system revenue.

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The Avtex Patient Reactivation Program allows healthcare organizations to rapidly deploy a solution that supports the consumer experience through elevated technology, industry expertise and Patient/Member services.

Enrich Your Patient Data: Unify data from your EHR and other “core” systems, and enrich it with essential contact information and SDOH from Avtex data sources to create a 360° view of your consumers.

Personalize Engagement: Leverage custom data, alongside our Avtex Patient Experience (PX) expertise to deliver personalized messaging that drives increased adoption.

Provide a Digital Front Door: Deploy digital outreach via multiple channels, making it easy and effortless for consumers to interact with your organization.

Improve Segmentation: Define micro-segments of your patient populations with powerful AI/ML capabilities and guidance from Avtex healthcare experts.

Streamline Scheduling: Reduce call volumes and improve the consumer experience with simple scheduling options via email SMS and other channels.

Track Your Success: Detailed dashboards track and monitor KPIs and success metrics to ensure your investments are driving results.

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