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Innovation Avtex Envisioning Workshop

Avtex partners with organizations to create exceptional experiences from the ground up — informed by thoughtful planning, and powered by the best technology. Our two-day workshop led by CX experts from Avtex and Microsoft aims to evaluate where your biggest CX challenges exist and build an action plan for delivering CX that drives customer loyalty, retention, and growth.

Avtex Customer Experience Envisioning Workshop Header

What to Expect During an Avtex Envisioning Workshop

You'll collaborate with Avtex and Microsoft customer experience experts to:

  • Evaluate where your biggest customer experience challenges and opportunities exist
  • Determine how and where you can achieve business outcomes and improve experiences for your customers
  • Build an actionable plan for driving customer experiences and growth for your business
  • Develop strategies aimed at propelling your business, building customer loyalty, and staying competitive

What to Expect After an Avtex Envisioning Workshop

You’ll walk away with documented strategic plans, which include:

  • CX strategic vision and roadmap
  • Digital transformation goals and priorities
  • Customer journey map
  • Business investment and technology needs
  • ROI estimates for leadership buy-in
Customer Experience Collaboration - Avtex Envisioning Workshop

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