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Innovation BidWin Government Contractor CRM

Government contractors face unique challenges when managing sales opportunities and relationships with their federal customers. It is crucial that all representatives have efficient access to information, support and resources throughout the opportunity life cycle.

BidWin Makes It Simple to Effectively Track Customers and Prospects

BidWin from Avtex makes it easier to manage the opportunity life cycle. Built on Microsoft’s Dynamics Platform and available in the government community cloud (GCC), BidWin offers a number of tools to track pre-sales relationships, coordinate marketing and capture activity. BidWin also makes it easy to assess B&P funding levels, risk analysis, win/loss analysis and more.

Automated Tracking

Manual tracking of engagements takes time and effort. BidWin’s unified platform contains collaboration, communication and research capability to automate the engagement tracking process.

Intelligent Resource Assignment

Quickly identifying support resource personnel is crucial to timely delivery of bids, proposals and follow up. BidWin provides users with detailed information regarding support resource personnel, which can be filtered by experience, expertise and other key factors. Intelligent resource assignment offers efficient access to resources and balances workflow across the organization.

Mobile Access

Real-time access to information is key to effective engagements, especially when users are in the field. BidWin offers real-time mobile access to tracking, resource assignment and intelligence. With BidWin, users have the tools they need, wherever the business development process takes them.

Robust Search Functionality

Many legacy engagement tracking solutions lack the search functionality needed to quickly and accurately locate records, performance reports and proposal artifacts. BidWin’s robust search functions allow users to find and utilize the data and resources needed to maximize relationships and sales engagements.

Deeper Data

Understanding the stakeholders involved in a sales engagement is crucial to success. BidWin provides a clear hierarchy of the stakeholders involved in each account via a rich, dynamic dashboard, augmented by external social and news feeds to get the most up to date intel. Users can quickly view owned opportunities and capture information on stakeholders for initial engagement and follow up.