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Competition is fierce, consumer expectations are at an all-time high, and the experience economy is here. Today, a retailer’s most critical competitive advantage is the experience they deliver. By combining our cutting edge, end-to-end CX design and orchestration services, with our deep industry expertise, Avtex helps retailers transform customer experiences, wow their customers, and differentiate their brand.

Drive Exceptional Value for Your Retail Business with Avtex

Become a Digital-First Business

Nowhere is digital transformation happening faster than in the retail industry. Avtex helps retailers easily adapt to rapid digitization and build seamless, personalized digital experiences that empower your customers, bolster your brand, and drive new business.

Future-Proof Your Organization

As new technologies and competitors emerge, consumer behavior changes, and economic shifts occur, you need a future-proof business foundation. Avtex develops strategic frameworks that help retailers drive efficiencies, reduce costs, attract business, and remain competitive – no matter what comes.

Make Data-Driven Decisions

Data is everywhere, but it’s only useful if you know how to leverage it. Avtex helps you collect, manage, and analyze your data so you can develop deep, actionable insights on your consumers to deliver hyper-personalized experiences.

Differentiate Your Brand

Differentiated brand experiences are not reserved for the Amazons or the Targets of the world. Avtex empowers you to identify opportunities and gaps in your strategy and helps you deliver your North Star experience to your customers at every touchpoint, so you can set yourself apart and continue profitably growing your business.

Leading Retailers Trust Avtex for CX Transformation

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Case Study

Avtex Guides Red Wing Shoes Through a Company-Wide Migration to Office 365

Avtex helped Red Wing Shoes improve employee communication and collaboration, simplify the user experience, and reduce operational costs by deploying Microsoft Office 365 across the entire organization.

Case Study

Chipotle Partners with Avtex to Strengthen Customer Relationships

As a result of partnering with Avtex to build a comprehensive customer data solution, Chipotle has amplified their ability to deliver richer, more meaningful experiences that drive customer loyalty, retention, and brand advocacy.

Case Study

Schwan’s Home Delivery Transforms CX with Help from Avtex

With the help of the Avtex CX Consulting team in understanding, visualizing, and designing a powerful customer experience, Schwan’s Home Delivery has become 100% customer-first and is driving major business transformation.

The Power of Partnership

Avtex is proud to partner with Microsoft to create truly innovative, value-driven solutions for our retail customers. By bring the power of Microsoft’s diverse technology offerings, we are able to build and deliver customized solutions to exceed the unique needs of retail leaders.

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Together with Genesys, Avtex implements contact center technologies that support truly effective retail interactions. Exceeding customer expectations requires powerful technology and innovation, and our Genesys partnership empowers retailers to deliver just that.

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