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Delivering exceptional care and experiences while maintaining compliance with security and privacy laws can be difficult for even the largest healthcare organizations. Healthcare is a complex industry, and leaders are responsible for serving a wide array of consumers, including patients, members, physicians, families, employees and more. By combining our expertise in the healthcare space with our consulting, strategic services and industry-leading technical solutions, Avtex is proud to help healthcare leaders transform the way they design, deliver and manage experiences for their consumers.

Transform Healthcare Experience with Help From Avtex

Improved Acquisition and Retention

Patients, members, clients and providers are the most important part of any healthcare business - without these consumers, revenue generation simply isn't possible. Avtex helps healthcare organizations Design and Orchestrate experiences that attract new consumers and ensure their continued loyalty.

Reduced Operating Costs

Inefficient or unnecessary processes and technology solutions can lead to avoidable operating costs. Avtex offers the guidance and insight healthcare providers and payers need to maximize efficiency and minimize operating costs, all while ensuring the optimal delivery of service and support to both consumers and employees.

Maximized Revenue

Reduced costs and an increased consumer base lead to maximized revenue. Avtex helps healthcare organizations succeed financially by assisting with CX transformation and digital engagement strategies that drive consumer loyalty and truly improve patient health.

Optimized Employee Experience

Empowered staff members are crucial to the success of any healthcare organization. Avtex helps healthcare leaders improve employee experience by ensuring that staff members have the tools, support and training they need to do their jobs.

Avtex Clients in Healthcare

Delta Dental
Dispatch Health
Life Line Screening
Mary Washington Healthcare

Healthcare Resources

Case Study

AvMed Uncovers New Growth Opportunities Through Competitive Market Insights

AvMed, a health plan based out of Florida, partnered with Avtex to gain a deeper understanding of new and existing members so they could drive growth and deliver the highest value experiences in both familiar and unfamiliar markets.

Case Study

Avtex Helps LifeSource Improve Collaboration Using Cloud Technologies

LifeSource works closely with hospitals, transplant centers and grieving families to facilitate the gifts of organ and tissue donation. This process requires timely access to information, reliable communication and detailed tracking of key data points.


Measuring Patient Sentiment in the Face of COVID-19

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, health systems saw a delay in the return of patients for in-person care. In our whitepaper, we uncover “the why” behind this delay, and provide healthcare providers with key insights to help them improve the patient experiences for the post COVID world.

Meet Our Healthcare Experience Team

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