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Experience Points

Jason Bradshaw

Customer and Employee Experience Expert

Jason created his first business at fourteen, selling telecommunications and computer equipment in the Australian regional city of Toowoomba. In the lead up to this, he was inspired by books like The Pursuit of Wow! by Tom Peters, which opened his eyes to the power of customer and employee experience. A cornerstone of Jason’s career has been an unwavering commitment to improving the lives of customers and employees.

During his time in the telecommunications industry, he implemented ideas for improving customer experience in a number of verticals by over 100 percent. In retail and media, his initiatives to improve efficiencies by focusing on customer and employee experience saved tens of millions of dollars in a matter of months and improved employee retention by double digits year on year. Additionally, he has led transformational programs resulting in tens of millions in revenue improvement. Jason has been in the ‘trenches’ consistently delivering transformative results – his ultimate passion is helping individuals and organizations, grow and achieve their goals.

Avtex Thoughts On This Episode

Avtex Chief Experience Officer, Kurt Schroeder sat down with VP of Marketing, John Seeds to discuss our episode of Experience Points with Jason Bradshaw.

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