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Women's Influence in the Retail Industry

at Central Time

Women control over $30 trillion in worldwide spending but in today's retail landscape, there is a remarkable gap between who buys and who designs the customer experience in the retail and consumer goods industry.

The reality is, most businesses haven't made it a priority to adjust their customer experience strategy to effectively reflect their customer segments. As a result, they lack the necessary tools to empower team members to tailor the brand experience to meet women’s needs.

Avtex is excited to have the CEO of the strategic consultancy, Female Factor, and author of, Why She Buys, Bridget Brennan join the Avtex team for an exclusive digital event focused on creating extraordinary customer experiences for women.

In this panel discussion we will discuss:

  • State of the retail industry and how COVID has influenced women's shopping patterns.
  • Implications of emotional engagement
  • Creating exceptional customer experiences for women
  • Technology’s role in fueling customer experiences

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