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IVR Modernization

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Avtex Presenters:

George Demou | President/CEO at Avtex
Alfredo Rizzo
| VP, CX Engage Architects & Evangelists at Avtex
Robert Wakefield- Carl
| Sr Director Innovation Architect at Avtex

Despite having been invented more than 40 years ago, Interactive Voice Response technology, or IVR, continues to increase in use and capability. Yet, while IVR systems remain popular, many organizations struggle to develop IVR strategies that accurately convey their brand personality while effectively guiding customers through an experience.

A modern IVR should be cognitive, speech-enabled and provide agent assist interoperability. This modernized IVR approach drives great initial experiences, provides customer information based on their profile and drives strong ROI with containment and live agent deflection.

During this 60 minute webinar, we’ll cover a wide range of IVR Modernization topics, including:

  • Characteristics of effective modern IVR
  • Experience design and IVR
  • Deployment and implementation
  • IVR platform integration