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Element WFM Adapter for Salesforce

The biggest investment for your contact center is your people. Keep your agents happy by effectively staffing your contact center, managing operations, and improving the agent experience with the WFM Adapter for Salesforce. This adapter allows contact centers to leverage the power of their WFM system for Salesforce interactions.

WFM Adapter for Salesforce

Salesforce Information Straight to Your WFM

Enhance service levels, optimize resources, and improve agent satisfaction with comprehensive historical and real-time information about Salesforce interactions available in your WFM system. This cloud-based software aggregates Salesforce interaction data into the historical and RTA formats required by your NICE, Aspect, Verint, or Calabrio WFM product.

The WFM Adapter for Salesforce supports Salesforce Service Cloud Cases and Chats through Salesforce Omni-Channel. It provides agent and queue metrics at regular intervals and instant agent state changes. The software also includes a robust, configurable design to allow for rapid setup and ongoing changes.

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The Power of WFM Adapter for Salesforce

Improve Service Levels Icon

Improve Service Levels

Schedule the right agents, at the right time, and empower your managers with historical reporting on agent and queue metrics.
Optimize Resources Icon

Optimize Resources

Ensure your contact center is effectively staffed, create accurate and timely forecasts, and make adjustments to schedules at any time.
Drive Key Metrics Icon

Drive Key Metrics

Improved business efficiencies and optimized scheduling leads to happier agents, more satisfied customers, and lower operating costs.

Key Features of WFM Adapter for Salesforce

Supports Cases and Chats

Supports Salesforce Cases and Chats routed through Salesforce Omni-Channel, 100% omni-channel routing for reporting alignment, and supports queue-and skills-based routing.

Agent and Queue Metrics

Provides agent and queue reports at regular intervals enabling WFM managers to produce accurate schedules and make necessary adjustments throughout the day.

Instant Agent State Changes

Sends RTA data every 3 seconds empowering WFM managers to ensure agents are working as planned

Configurable User Interface

An easy-to-use web interface allows an administrator to choose which agents and queues to report on, service level thresholds, report intervals, and much more. Plus, off-the-shelf software design allows you to easily plug-and-play and is installed in the cloud in less than 1 hour.

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