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Element Visualizer

Your contact center produces massive amounts of data, but data is just information if it is not analyzed and put into practice. Visualizer consolidates Genesys interaction events into an intuitive, visually compelling interface helping you to understand your data, gain efficiencies, and lower costs to serve.


See the Big Picture

Visualizer is an operational analytics solution that provides data visualization and consolidation of Genesys Engage Premises customer interaction events in an intuitive visually compelling interface.

Unlike anything available on the market, it allows business and IT teams to search massive amounts of Genesys Engage data in minutes and get the ‘big picture’ analysis. This allows them to identify customer and employee trends and patterns or research specific contact center issues for proactive action.

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The Power of Visualizer

Improve Experiences Icon

Improve Experiences

Effectively identify customer and employee trends, patterns, and issues to fuel exceptional customer experiences.
Increase Operational Performance Icon

Increase Operational Performance

Take proactive action, lower support costs, and increase operational efficiency by identifying and resolving hard-to-spot issues.
Reduce and Resolve Software Problems Icon

Reduce and Resolve Software Problems

Rapidly identify root causes of difficult issues and prevent future problems.

Key Features of Visualizer

Intuitive and User-Friendly

Genesys Engage interaction events are compiled into an intuitive interface with color codes. It allows for easy drill down and custom queries for unique business needs.

Monitor and Alert on Patterns

Automatically monitor and alert on patterns related to bad operational behavior. Notifies you when needed on a mobile friendly platform.

Near Real-Time Operational Updates

Near real-time operational updates allow proactive action for contact center operations.

Mobile Operations Dashboard

A mobile operations dashboard provides business users with access to key performance information anywhere, any time.

Ready to see the big picture where your contact center is concerned?