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Element DataView for Commerce

To predict customer needs, anticipate market changes, and streamline the supply chain, online retailers need reliable data and insights. With DataView for Commerce by Avtex, you’ll gain access to a robust suite of ready-made dashboards for commerce performance, retail operations, store performance, customer insights, and more. Avtex makes it possible and easy to gain a holistic view of your commerce landscape.

DataView for Commerce

Make Data-Backed Business Decisions with Commerce Analytics

DataView for Commerce helps online retailers gain a holistic picture of their commerce landscape and track crucial business KPIs by combining sales, product, customer, eCommerce, and website information to create a dynamic view of how your channels are performing.

The Power of DataView for Commerce

Visualize Your Data with Power BI Dashboards Icon

Visualize Your Data with Power BI Dashboards

Power BI dashboards use visualizations to tell a story about your datasets. DataView for Commerce includes BI Dashboards rendering retail, store, product, customer, return, and discount information.
Harness the Power of Customer Insights Icon

Harness the Power of Customer Insights

Get closer to your customers with information regarding marketing and campaign performance, customer care, segmentation, product recommendations, customer churn, and customer lifetime value.
Access Important eCommerce and Website Data Icon

Access Important eCommerce and Website Data

Whether you’re looking for information about cost per acquisition, cart abandonment rates, conversion rates, average order value, website visits, impressions, or other common website and eCommerce analytics, DataView for Commerce has your answers.

Ready to gain a holistic understanding of your commerce landscape?

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