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Case Study LifeGift

The Solution

Avtex helped LifeGift transition to Genesys Cloud. To help LifeGift overcome the challenges associated with the process, Avtex worked closely with the LifeGift team to develop a comprehensive and detail implementation plan. This collaborative approach helped ensure that all aspects of the switchover were addressed, including technology deployment, user training and cross-platform integrations. In the end, the migration went smoothly with little impact on LifeGift's end-users.

Solutions Applied

Genesys Cloud has provided an instrumental tool during the pandemic, improving our capabilities and allowing us to transition seamlessly to a work-from-home environment. Avtex has supported us with everything we need to facilitate a successful and timely implementation.
Michelle Gilbert – Director of Communications Center for Donations

Avtex helped LifeGift execute its implementation process on time and without significant issues. The successful implementation left the team at LifeGift pleased with the seamless experience and surprised at Avtex team’s ability to exceed expectations. Since the implementation, the team has enjoyed the benefits of the cloud, despite that experience being launched by the COVID-19 pandemic.

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