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There are companies known for their reliable products and services, and then there are some known for the people customers get to interact with. Zappos is the type of company where their employees truly embody their values and mission. Since day one they have been a company built on making customer lives easier and creating an exceptional experience for each one.

Zappos started as an online shoe site and became a significant acquisition of Amazon in 2009. For the last 21 years they have remained true to their mission to focus on the customer. They want to be known as a company that delivers wonderful experiences for their customers and while happening to sell whatever those customers are looking for.

To Live and Deliver WOW

Zappos has prioritized its customers long before most companies and is always looking to find ways to improve the experience. Their mission is: To Live and Deliver WOW. Meaning they don’t want to give you one good experience and call it a job well done. They want to ensure that their agents are living out that model of creating exceptional experiences that change a customers’ day and impacts their life.

Agents are always friendly when a customer calls in and are willing to listen to them talk about their days and lives while they find a solution for their Zappos related problem. Once the problem is solved, they will continue to have a conversation and build their connection with the customer.

Zappos empowers their agents to take the time they need with a customer by ensuring they have plenty of breathing space. This means having plenty of agents online to handle customer interactions as they come in to avoid the pressure to make calls quick and efficient. They spend extra time training their agents to prepare for any customer interaction they may face.

Enter Customer Service for Anything

As COVID-19 took full effect in the United States, Zappos felt compelled to step up and give back the way only they truly could. They knew consumers were looking for solutions, and when left to find them by themselves, it could be overwhelming and unfulfilling. This encouraged them to set up their customer service for anything line.

The customer service for anything line embodies the Zappos commitment to providing exceptional customer experience, but this time – no purchase necessary. The Zappos customer service team is available for whatever needs someone may have when they call in and can help customers with whatever it is they are struggling to find.

As a new normal is established for call centers, Zappos is ensuring that they continue to create exceptional experiences for their customers and potential customers. They are making it clear that they are available for anything a customer may have, no matter the ask.

They Really Mean Anything

Their customer service team is standing by prepared to chat with you about whatever you’re stuck in. If you need help researching something or finding a local store for a purchase, they are fully prepared to step up. Even if it’s just that you're looking for someone to chat with, agents are ready to engage and support you when you call in.

Zappos supports this initiative so strongly that they’ve made themselves available to be contacted in numerous ways and will reconnect if they find a solution to the problem later on. They will continue to be a resource for anyone who calls in for as long as they need that connection.

If you are looking to follow the Zappos lead and continue to find new and innovative ways to support your customers and potential customers, let’s talk. At Avtex, we know the power of these exceptional experiences and can help you find the solution you’re looking for.

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