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Measuring the effectiveness and quality of your employees' interactions with customers can be difficult, especially for busy contact centers. There isn't enough time in the day to listen in on every live interaction or recording manually. This prevents you from having a complete data set that can illustrate the effectiveness of individual agents and your contact center as a whole.

Speech analytics is the answer. Utilizing speech analytics in your business changes how you collect, analyze and learn from recorded interactions. You can now engage with a complete set of data that adequately displays the successes and growth occurring within your contact center, while also pointing you in the right direction for improvements.

What is Speech Analytics?

Speech analytics is the process of reviewing recorded interactions to identify specific events or behaviors. Call recordings are uploaded to a speech engine tool and turned into searchable transcripts. The speech analytics tool then combs through them for predetermined keywords or sequences of phrases. When the tool identifies these, it tags them by category for analysis.

Once the speech analytics tool combs through all of your recordings, you have a holistic data set that allows you to evaluate any pain points. This data can also indicate the areas where your agents excel and the most common reasons behind customer interactions.

Leveraging the Data

The data obtained from speech analytics solutions is only valuable if you can qualify how the data can be impactful and have a clear idea of what you are trying to measure.

Once you have identified the critical spots of interest, a custom speech analytics program can be created to look for the key terms that need to be addressed. For example, if you are looking to evaluate agent performance, you might choose to look at what words your agents are using in customer conversations and if they are using an appropriate tone or have periods of silence throughout the call.

If you have recordings to analyze, then you have data you can learn from. This can apply to businesses beyond the call center, including sales organizations. Leveraging speech analytics, sales organizations can identify if their scripts and interactions are working and what may not be successful in their current approach.

The Impact

When your business employs speech analytics, you engage with underutilized data that your organization already has at its fingertips. You can now analyze 100 percent of your calls instead of the previous 1 or 2 percent that had to be manually listened to. The impact of utilizing this data is critical to the success and growth of your business.

Speech analytics can be used to obtain a wide range of impactful data, including:

  • Information on agent tone, silent times, over-talk and key terms or phrases are being used in a conversation with a customer
  • Clear trends around customer intent and reason for calling that provides an opportunity to identify a one-call solution
  • Activity of remote agents, allowing managers to ensure accountability and appropriate training

Leveraging speech analytics will also directly impact the customer experience you are providing. You now have the data available to see how your customers are feeling and how they are interacting with your employees. Unlike data gathered through a survey, this information is also available without any added effort for the customer, creating a much more holistic view of your customer base.

Avtex and Speech Analytics

A defined strategy is critical to optimizing the benefit and impact of speech analytics on your contact center and customers. At Avtex, we are committed to helping you eliminate the unknowns of speech analytics and partnering with you to make the best recommendations on your strategy.

We connect you with our speech analytics consultant to ensure that you are confidently able to engage with the data available and find the right product for your business. We then help you identify the changes you need to make to align your strategy better and eliminate any pain points discovered through speech analytics.

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