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SmartApps is a full-feature app suite that helps your credit union extend your current capabilities. The suite consists of multiple applications that work together with your core to expand and improve on the behaviors and actions your credit union currently executes. The suite provides real-time integrations directly into core processors that help improve the experiences a credit union is providing. SmartApps also aids a credit union in detecting and preventing fraud, driving efficiency in the contact center, and providing self-service options to members.

Take Control of the Member Experience with SmartApps

Member experience is at the center of a credit union's mission and values. Members truly come first for credit unions, and the SmartApps suite helps ensure that this philosophy is demonstrated at every touchpoint. By providing self-service options, efficient and intuitive member routing, and preventing fraud, SmartApps helps credit unions make sure that every member always feels valued. SmartApps helps credit unions go beyond just saying the member comes first and allows credit unions to clearly demonstrate that they genuinely feel that way.

Understanding SmartApps

Each application in the SmartApps suite has a unique purpose that enables credit unions to eliminate member frustrations and increase the quality of member interactions. The SmartApps suite offers a wide range of member experience supporting features and functionality, including caller requested callbacks, intuitive speech recognition options, fraud detection and more. To understand the real value of the suite, you need to understand the capabilities of each application.


SmartHold allows callers to request a callback instead of waiting in a queue. It also recognizes when a proper caller ID is available and will ask the caller to verify that number for a callback or to input a new number.


A real-time connection to a Credit Unions core allows SmartInfo to authenticate members while also playing real-time account transactions as they wait in the queue. SmartInfo will automatically route members to a collections queue if the member is identified as having an account that is delinquent or past due.


SmartTeller is a bank-by phone solution that supports touch-tone and speech recognition options, including natural language shortcuts for frequent transactions. SmartTeller allows credit unions to avoid forcing a member to re-authenticate when transferred by using the previous authenticated information. It also provides definable options that make it easy to manage and control changes.

SmartScreen Pop

SmartScreen Pop offers the agent a pre-filled screen of information pulled from the core system when a member calls into a credit union. This information is based on the member authentication process from the first part of the call and saves the agent time and prevents the member from having to repeat information.


SmartTrack logs all member authentication and interaction history to perform real-time analysis to identify possible fraudulent activity. If potential fraud is detected, a warning is provided for the agent and a record is made for future reporting.


If a member calls back into a credit union within a defined time, SmartTarget will route them back to the agent they previously spoke with, if that agent is available. This allows agents to build a stronger relationship with members and eliminates a member having to continually repeat their information.


SmartMessage compares the information gathered during member authentication against a set of predefined conditions. If the set conditions are met, an associated action is automatically completed. For example, if a member recently applied for an auto loan, SmartMessage can play a prerecorded message with information regarding that loan process.

What's coming in SmartApps 5.0?

The newest iteration of the SmartApps suite will add features that go even further to increase the experience your members have. These features will eliminate member frustrations by decreasing the time they spend repeating information and providing the agent with relevant member information from the start of an interaction.

Here are just a few of the new features you can expect from SmartApps 5.0:

  • Two Factor Authentication will now be available on SmartTeller, SmartScreen Pop and SmartInfo
  • Members can now request a callback from the credit union with SmartHold and can be enabled across apps including SmartTeller and SmartInfo
  • Members and the credit union can now set up alerts whenever someone accesses an account with SmartScreen Pop
  • SmartInfo will now enable after-hours routing with appropriate verbiage for the timeframe
  • Members are now able to leave a message with SmartHold instead of trying to call back another time
  • Added features with SmartTarget will help agents to build and maintain relationships through information gathering and interaction level of call
  • Credit unions can now record calls with SmartTrack to playback at a later time
  • SmartMessage will allow you to target messages to members based on a predetermined identifier once they enter the queue

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