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How Does Technology Drive Loyalty Management?

Today’s loyalty management programs are far more complex and dynamic than ever before. Where once punch cards and spreadsheets drove loyalty management, today, multiple technologies converge to support programs designed to retain customers and reward them for doing business with you.

Many common technology solutions support dynamic loyalty management programs.

Loyalty Management Platforms

There are a wide range of solutions available today that are designed specifically to support loyalty management programs. These solutions provide support in tracking and managing participation in programs, executing loyalty marketing programs and even developing the terms of a loyalty management program.

Image: Loyalty Management Programs

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Tracking your customer’s purchases, interactions, program participation and general information is a crucial part of any loyalty management effort. Without an effective Customer Relationship Management platform in place and properly configured, your loyalty management program is likely to falter.

When used properly, and in tandem with a loyalty management platform, your CRM can be an invaluable tool for:

  • Creating detailed profiles for loyalty program members
  • Developing personalized communication strategies for individual members or member groups
  • Tracking feedback from customers regarding your loyalty management program

Mobile Applications

The modern customer expects the ability to access information wherever and whenever necessary. This includes in the middle of a busy shopping mall or during a board meeting. Mobile applications offer the access your customers expect, and deserve, making it possible to manage their loyalty program membership on-the-go.

The most impactful mobile apps for loyalty management allow users to:

  • Access full membership information
  • Make purchases through the loyalty management program
  • Track current points balance or standing within the loyalty management program
  • Redeem points or special offers

Customer Access Portals

Today’s customers also expect the ability to access account information online, without the assistance of a live agent. Customer access portals offer this access, and make it possible for your customers to enroll in loyalty management programs, track eligible purchases, review points balances and redeem rewards.

When developing a customer access portal, remember these best practices.

Making it All Work Together

Individually, each of these technologies plays a critical role in the success of a loyalty management program. However, it is their ability to work together that makes a truly engaging and effective loyalty management program possible.

If you have these technologies in place, but are struggling to integrate them into an effective ecosystem, Avtex can help. We offer the end-to-end Customer Experience and technology consulting services you need to take your loyalty management program to the next level.

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