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In previous articles, we’ve discussed how digital transformation initiatives can reduce costs without impacting performance standards, as well as how interactive data visualizations improve analysis without compromising security or compliance. While the premise can be applied across the enterprise, we’ve focused primarily on Business Development (BD). The reality is that GovCon business processes and systems all tie back to compliance. Most BD organizations have an automated solution, whether it is legacy software nearing end of life support from the manufacturer or something designed for the commercial sector that has been muscled into service for the GovCon opportunity lifecycle. Investing in optimizing technologies that support BD efforts should be the focus of many GovCon organizations.

Planning for the Future

GovCon organizations focused on longevity include contracts and program management in their enterprise roadmap for digital transformation. Anticipating how the selected tool develops to support the strategic goals of the enterprise prepares the entire organization for project readiness. Project readiness should be a living breathing process that begins in the earliest stages of the opportunity lifecycle and is perfected as award approaches. Data should be presented as actionable information that program executives and managers can use to make better decisions about when and how to best prepare for project initiation as an opportunity reaches maturity. The handoff from BD to contracts and program management can happen inside a properly designed system with all the required approvals and associated documentation.

IT investment is traditionally not focused on the areas that impact compliance audits most — contracts and program management. Instead of extending digital transformation to these critical business areas, 51 percent of government contractors rely on shared drives and spreadsheets to track contract compliance. Fewer than one quarter have made a technology investment to streamline compliance from project readiness to contracts through digital transformation. Digital transformation plays a key role proactively supporting the enterprise for this critical requirement.

Overcoming Challenges

In their 2019 survey of the GovCon landscape, CohnReznik reports that contractors are expecting a 6 percent increase in oversight by federal agencies such as Defense Contract Audit Agency (DCAA) or Defense Contract Management Agency (DCMA) in 2020. The 2019 GovCon Clarity report says, “Businesses are struggling with the inefficiencies inherent to contract management. They are most challenged by tracking the non-financial aspects of contracts, followed closely by the time spent entering contract information into finance or business development systems... Businesses cited ‘Maintaining data integrity between opportunity, contract, and project records’ as the number three challenge.’”

Whether an organization is at the beginning of digital transformation or has begun, an outside perspective can be critical to addressing the challenge from a strategic perspective. Look for a partner, like Avtex, who offers a comprehensive business process review (BPR) as a “Phase 0” to any implementation consulting engagement. A well-executed BPR aligns the tactical motions of BD, proposal support, contracts, and program management to strategic goals within the capabilities of a modern CRM platform. The BPR establishes a foundation for improved knowledge sharing, collaboration, and discovery across the enterprise. Once the organization is armed with a comprehensive set of requirements, a solution design, and a detailed implementation plan they are well prepared to move into the work of true transformation with their implementation partner.

Avtex Can Help

Avtex is uniquely suited to help GovCon organizations drive BD transformation. As a leading Microsoft partner with extensive experience in the GovCon space, we are able to provide the advice and technological support you need to address and overcome your unique business development challenges.

To learn more about how we can help, view our on-demand webinar “Digital Transformation for the Public Sector.”