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2020 brought many unexpected changes for every business, and with those changes came endless opportunities for new growth and learning. As the year went on, brands learned to adapt and innovate, transforming business and ultimately the customer experience they provide.

At Avtex, we are constantly taking note of the topics our clients are most interested in and helping capture them in the resources we build. This past year we were able to spend time focusing on concepts that are integral to our vision as an organization and turning those into key assets we featured on Avtex Thoughts. Some of those topics included transforming business development within GovCon organizations, patient reactivation within the healthcare industry, harnessing the cloud to elevate CX, enhancing the employee experience and the cost of bad CX.

We rounded up some of our top assets from Avtex Thoughts that will still be incredibly important for your brand in 2021.


The Top 6 Tips for Working at Home

As the impact of COVID-19 continues to evolve, employees across the globe are finding themselves working from home on a broad scale. With an employee base spread across the nation, here at Avtex we operate as a highly digital and agile workforce. We asked several of them for their pro-tips on working from home and have compiled the top 6 responses.

What is SmartApps for Credit Unions?

SmartApps is a full-feature app suite that helps your credit union extend your current capabilities. The suite consists of multiple applications that work together with your core to expand and improve on the behaviors and actions your credit union currently executes. SmartApps also aids a credit union in detecting and preventing fraud, driving efficiency in the contact center, and providing self-service options to members.

Transforming Business Development within GovCon Organizations Series

In this four-post series, Avtex Public Sector Services will explore how digital transformation provides an opportunity for process transformation. Finding the modern business development (BD) system that combines flexibility with a hardened cloud security environment seems daunting on its own. Focusing on incremental improvement in key areas will make the transformation process more manageable and effective. Avoiding common missteps along the way will further accelerate transformation.

Patient Reactivation: Five Ways to Recover Revenue

The impact of the COVID-19 crisis continues to significantly impact hospital finances. Fortunately, the reopening of hospitals to elective procedures, surgeries and other deferred services presents an opportunity to both recover lost revenue and deliver exceptional patient experience. But traditional patient engagement approaches like billboards, direct mail, generic email campaigns and EMR patient portal messages won’t solve this. Healthcare marketers are now moving to newer, AI-driven digital marketing solutions to re-engage their patients and meet expectations.

Harnessing the Cloud to Help Clients Elevate Customer Experience

Moving to the cloud prepares organizations to provide modern omnichannel experiences. This is partly due to the flexibility the cloud offers in work location, application availability and agent talent pool. However, these are not all the benefits the cloud has to offer. When businesses face crises like natural disasters, employee displacement and pandemics, such as COVID-19, a cloud-based contact center can move with an agility not possible in traditional organizations.

Exploring the Biden Administration's Potential Impact on Patient Experience

As the final votes are tallied, the focus now shifts to President-elect Biden’s plan for our country moving forward. He will be entering his term as the country continues to break somber records, tallying more than 150,000 new COVID-19 cases on a daily basis. Albeit large, this is only a piece of the pie that is healthcare in the United States. In looking ahead to a Joe Biden presidency, these are some of the issues we will see discussed.


Avtex Digital Roundtable: The Cost of Bad Customer Experience

Good customer service is no longer the goal for organizations, it’s the expectation of their customers. Failure to deliver anything but a good customer experience may result in decreased revenue, lower customer retention, and the loss of the most valuable component of customer loyalty – trust.

In the first of its kind, live video roundtable, our panel of customer experience experts will share their thoughts on what constitutes poor CX and the various ways it affects organizations. We'll explore how companies can measure the impact of poor CX and turn the results into actionable insights.

Increase Customer Loyalty and Revenue with Microsoft Customer Insights

In this webinar, our industry experts explain how retailers are using Microsoft Customer Insights to better engage customers and increase revenue by as much as 5-10%. Discover how the Customer Insights platform enables retailers to attribute marketing efforts to revenue generated, calculate customer acquisition costs, better engage customers with personalized messaging, and more. Learn what it means to have a clear, unified view of customer data to drive critical business decisions.

Enhancing the Employee Experience with Power Platform and Microsoft Teams

Technology and business processes play a critical role in enabling your employees to continue to do their jobs in a crisis. Implementing effective tools and solutions that support common business operations, and training your employees to use them effectively, will position you to respond well to unforeseen events. During this webinar, we demonstrate how you can reinvent productivity, enhance employee experiences and empower efficient collaboration in a remote workforce by pairing Power Platform and Microsoft Teams.

Healthcare will Recover: Three Patient Engagement Strategies to Maximize Revenue

As hospitals and clinics start preparing to reopen their doors to all patients, it's critical to develop a strategy that puts the patient experience at the forefront. Join our team of Healthcare Experience experts to learn patient engagement strategies to prepare for the reactivation, ensure exceptional patient engagement, and recoup revenue lost during the crisis.


A Four-Phased Approach to Delivering CX During a Crisis

Quickly and effectively adapting your business operations to a crisis can be challenging, especially when dealing with the confusion of an ever-changing scenario. However, rapid evolution is possible with the right technology and strategic approach. Leveraging a diverse knowledge base – including expertise in Customer Experience, contact center, business productivity and more – Avtex has developed a whitepaper detailing out four-phased approach to maintaining business continuity and CX excellence in the event of a crisis.

The Comprehensive Guide to Cloud Contact Center Consulting: Leading Your Contact Center into the Cloud Era

To deliver exceptional customer interactions, companies are now migrating their contact centers to the cloud. But for many, feeling unsure about which solution is right or where to begin has organizations turning to consulting firms, like Avtex. We specialize in cloud contact center solutions to help ensure optimal performance and effectiveness of your contact center conversion from start to finish – and beyond. In this eBook we explore key components of cloud contact center consulting, helping to set you on your path to CX success.

At Avtex, we are looking forward to the opportunities 2021 continues to present, and we understand that transformation isn’t always easy. That’s why we work with our clients every day to develop solutions that fit their unique needs and fuel exceptional experiences for their customers.

We are prepared to help your business identify what innovations would be best to meet the needs of your customers and help you create a custom solution for your business. To find more resources like these sign up now to receive our Avtex Thoughts email newsletter, direct to your inbox.

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