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Exceptional customer experiences don’t happen by accident. They are strategically designed and carefully orchestrated through a number of overlapping CX disciplines, strategies, applications, and technologies. There’s a lot that goes into fueling seamless customer experiences, so it can be difficult to identify which areas your organization should focus on.

That’s why, at Avtex we’re committed to continually educating ourselves, our clients, and our partners on all aspects of CX.

Our CX experts have worked hard this year to provide relevant, in-depth information and resources about the latest trends in customer experience, and the requirements for delivering consistent, modern, and powerful experiences.

Below, we’ve gathered a list of our top 10 CX resources to help you measure your successes in 2021 and strategize for 2022.

#1: The Big Book of Customer Experience

Moving from one level of CX to the next can make the difference between forward momentum, and lagging behind the competition. This powerful eBook will help you identify your current CX maturity, uncover new CX insights for 2022, and build your CX Roadmap to level up your organization. Plus, we provide lessons that have transformed today’s CX champions.

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The Big Book of Customer Experience

#2: What is Patient Experience?

Today, patients expect a seamless healthcare experience, not unlike the ones they receive from CX giants like Amazon and Google. Healthcare organizations must meet that challenge by delivering hyper-relevant experiences to patients across many different channels. In this article, we provide the true definition of patient experience in today’s healthcare landscape and outline the top 5 elements patients expect when interacting with your organization.

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#3: 7 Commerce Trends Retailers Can’t Ignore

From an unprecedented acceleration of digital transformation and e-commerce adoption, to rising demands for safety and security, the explosive expansion of online and more personalized retail experiences has created new challenges for retailers. We’ve identified the top 7 trends retailers need to understand and plan for to stay customer-centric, profitable, and ahead of the competition.

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7 Commerce Trends Retailers Can't Ignore

#4: Last Best Experience Stories

Understanding what customers define as a “Gold Standard” experience is crucial to defining a CX Roadmap that will keep you ahead of the competition. That standard continues to evolve, which is why we gathered stories of customers’ last best experiences from CX experts at major brands including Apple, Mercedes-Benz, Hy-Vee, and our hometown team, the Timberwolves.

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Last Best Experience Stories - Share Image

#5: 6 Ways the Employee Experience Impacts the Customer Experience

A seamless customer experience is linked closely with an exceptional employee experience. One simply cannot exist without the other. In this article, we explain how to enhance your employee experiences, from creating a strong culture, to better onboarding and training, to empowering employees to help you deliver the strongest experiences possible for your customers.

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6 Ways the Employee Experience Impacts the Customer Experience - Blog Header

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#6: The Case for Cloud: Calculating the Hidden ROI of Cloud Migration

It’s not always easy to determine whether or not a move to the cloud is really worth it. Here we help you calculate what is often the hidden ROI of a cloud migration. This information will help you learn the five important questions you must ask to uncover preliminary and ongoing cloud costs, and the underlying factors that should weigh into assessing the return on investment of any cloud migration.

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#7: Fierce Competition Calls for a Faster, More Personalized Borrowing Experience

FinTech plays have created fierce competition for the financial services industry, driving up the need to deliver high-touch, personalized, and predictive experiences. Fortunately, legacy lenders can compete – and win – if they make some strategic CX investments. Learn what’s really driving these new challenges, and the three objectives you need to focus on to prevent borrower attrition and solidify your CX edge.

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#8: The Digital Front Door Interactive Toolkit

Today’s healthcare patrons want a digital-centric, modern way to interact with their providers and plans. A Digital Front Door can deliver a desirable healthcare experience, but it needs to be designed the right way. Our toolkit provides all the resources to help you understand the importance of a digital front door, identify the right strategy, and drive more value for your organization.

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Digital Front Door Toolkit for Healthcare - Share Image

#9: Chipotle and Avtex Partner to Strengthen Customer Relationships and Drive Loyalty

This transformational case study describes how Chipotle turned to Avtex for a CX solution that would translate data into actionable insights for their customers and marketing segments. Learn how Avtex has helped Chipotle achieve more meaningful customer experiences that continue to drive greater loyalty, brand retention, and advocacy.

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#10: Avtex Helps Transform Schwan’s Customer Delivery Experience

In yet another powerful 2021 case study, we explain how the Avtex CX consulting experts helped Schwan’s gain a better understanding of their current CX maturity and create an actionable plan to transform their Home Delivery customer experience to meet the evolving needs of its customers and the organization. Learn how this retail food giant became 100% “customer first” and continues, with the help of Avtex, to leverage its technology ecosystem to further improve CX delivery and enable its future state experience.

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We have a lot more thought leadership, resources, and guides planned for you in 2022. If you are looking to make significant improvements to your customer experience strategy next year, you can count on us to help you design and orchestrate the exceptional experiences your customers not only expect but deserve.

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