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Most customer journeys cut across multiple departments within an organization. While your business may have dedicated teams that communicate with customers and manage those relationships, other teams are simultaneously putting out work and specializing in processes that will also impact the journey of your customers. For some customers, their first touchpoint might be encountering a marketing campaign, while others are introduced to your brand at a direct sale or a project kickoff.

As a result of the integrated approach many businesses take, how can you make CX improvements that include multiple functional areas?

Developing and maintaining a Customer Experience Improvement Road Map provides your organization with a solid foundation to produce company-wide change. A well-developed CX Improvement Road Map should detail the logistics, timeline, and success metrics that your team will adhere to, in order to transform experience at every touchpoint.

Your Logistics

A CX roadmap clearly defines the responsibilities, tasks, resources, and people that play a key role in improving your CX. Identifying this information at the beginning of your project enables your team to have a clear vision of everything involved in this transformation. Without this critical information, individuals and teams can struggle to get clarity around of their role in the project and the tools available to them.

At Avtex, we provide Customer Experience experts, ready to help you review the people, processes, and technology you have in place, examining your overall goals to ensure that all logistical details are addressed in your roadmap. We help our clients communicate the purpose behind each strategic interaction in your roadmap, and the value every touchpoint brings to your customer as you begin navigating this change company-wide.

Your Timeline

Creating a defined timeline will help to keep your CX improvement efforts on track. You can build your road map towards a completion date and include dates for team and individual check-ins to ensure the project is moving along smoothly. Your organization can also create milestones that indicate when deliverables or process updates need to be completed by, providing structure for your team.

When developing your timeline, our experts can assist you in creating milestones and check-ins to serve the needs of your project and address the goals and changes you have outlined. By actively communicating, we ensure that all participants are completing assigned tasks as scheduled, and that all dependencies are addressed throughout the project.

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Your Success Metrics

As your team evaluates where to improve your customer journey and contemplates how the CX your employees provide impact it, it’s critical to establish the metrics by which you will measure success. Aligning on the definition of success, and the goals that go with it, will provide clarity and meaning to your overall road map. By including success metrics in your CX roadmap, you can ensure that your brand is able to track improvement in your CX as well as the completion of your specific project goals.

Our experts have the knowledge and experience to help our clients define success metrics, as well as identify the tools and strategies needed to accurately track them. One useful success metric may be your Net Promoter Score, with a goal of increasing your NPS by a specific number of points, or by a set percentage. This metric and goal enable your brand to show progress, as well as communicate the value and ROI behind the changes you are making.

If your business has found that the experiences you provide create friction for your customers throughout their journey, it may be time to consider the improvements you can make across your organization. A CX Improvement Roadmap may be the right place to start, and our team of experts are ready to help. We are eager to sit down with you, evaluate where your customer journey may be experiencing tension, and explore how you can produce company-wide change through an optimized customer experience strategy.

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