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The Key to Rebuilding Trust in Government? Bringing Humanity to the Digital Experience

For a busy government agency striving to improve and keep up with ever-changing regulations, building—or rebuilding— citizen trust can feel like an elusive goal.

This is why the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) has committed to change in tandem with the Executive Order from the Biden Administration, Transforming Federal Customer Experience and Service Delivery to Rebuild Trust in Government. Instead of taking a surface-level view and layering new solutions on top of existing apps and websites, the OMB has committed to a human-centered approach. “It’s going to be rethinking forms, guidance to states, and how whole processes are designed,” stated Amira Boland, the OMB Federal Customer Experience Lead during a Brookings Institution Event in April.

Read what Vice President of Federal Business Development at Avtex, Aaron Mosby, had to say regarding rebuilding trust in government in FEDWeek: “The Key to Rebuilding Trust in Government? Bringing Humanity to the Digital Experience.” In the article, he shares three key strategies that should be at the center of any strong public sector digital transformation.

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As citizens increasingly move to access products and services online, humanizing the digital customer experience means empathizing with your audience, understanding the unique differences between the in-person and digital user journey, and adopting a customer-centric digital philosophy that puts customer outcomes first.
Aaron Mosby

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