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The Key to Excellence: Driving Business Success with Great Customer Experiences

A quick internet search for the term “the importance of Customer Experience” reveals a plethora of statistics, studies and opinion pieces focused on detailing the discipline’s rising focus. While these illuminate the importance of CX, they don’t truly answer the real question you’re asking – how will CX propel my business forward?

Breaking the impact of effective CX down into purer, more tangible concepts may be more enlightening. In basic terms, CX is important to the success of your organization because of its ability to create positive feelings and unique experiences that help your company stand out in the crowd.

Here are some specific benefits of developing a CX strategy:

  • Build trust: One of the most important factors impacting customer loyalty and advocacy is trust. Customers who do not trust your brand are unlikely to continue to do business with you or make repeat purchases. To build this crucial trust with your customers, you must demonstrate that your business will be there when they need you. You must also have answers to their questions, resolutions to their concerns and show that you are willing to make the effort to help them however possible. Customer trust can be gained by delivering effective interactions, developing customer-centric policies and demonstrating your commitment to protecting their best interests.
  • Develop loyalty: Beyond the quality of your products, there are other reasons people become loyal to your brand. Through excellent customer service and support brands can proactively drive brand affinity. This doesn’t mean that the relationship has to be perfect at all times; surprisingly, customers who encounter issues and are able to obtain resolutions are just as likely to develop loyalty toward the brand as customers who encounter no trouble.
  • Inspire advocacy: It seems the most frustrated customers are also the loudest – dissatisfied customers are often quick to share their experiences with friends, family members and even strangers online. While this may be true, the effects of a positive experience or a history of quality experiences can turn a customer into an advocate FOR your brand just as effectively. The more you amaze your customers, the more likely you are to turn them into advocates who will share your brand to their friends, families and even strangers online. One single advocate can result in big wins for your business.
  • Create differentiation: Your prospects and customers are presented a wide range of product or service options when researching a solution that meets their specific needs. When presented with two similar products, many customers make their decision based on online reviews and their overall perception of the brands. Each of these factors is directly impacted by taking a customer-centric approach to your business. By building and delivering quality CX, you can set yourself and your products apart from the competition.

If you are struggling to achieve any of these goals, a renewed focus on CX may be the catalyst you need.

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