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Provide Better CX Leveraging Microsoft's Omnichannel for Customer Service

Consumer behavior has undergone an astounding transformation in the last few years. Today, the consumer has:

  • Higher and more diverse expectations than ever before
  • Many options to interact with your business, thanks to mobile and social technologies
  • An insatiable demand for a personalized and tailored experience

This transformation has driven a renewed focus on Customer Experience (CX) for many brands. It has also placed increased importance on a specific aspect on CX – customer service.

The magnified importance of effective customer service has left many brands looking for technology solutions to support customer care, such as Microsoft's Omnichannel for Customer Service.

In our recent post, What Is Omnichannel for Customer Service and Is It Right for Your Organization?, we explored the basics of the platform. Now, let’s explore the ways Omnichannel for Dynamics 365 Customer Service can help you amaze your customers.

Offer Self-Service with Chat Platforms

Despite the rise in popularity of newer support tools (like social media) and the continuation of traditional ones (like telephone), live chat is rapidly becoming customers’ preferred support channel.

Omnichannel for Customer Service can help you support customers at a new level by delivering real-time support via Live Chat and chatbots.

The platform lets you configure your chat channel to suit your style. Create customized welcome messages to be served up to users when they click the chat widget. Add pre-chat surveys and a file attachment capability to gather adequate information about the customer issue to deliver personalized responses.

It also helps automate routine conversations with Azure Bot or Microsoft Power Virtual Agents. The bots can be integrated with all channels to deliver automated responses to routine queries, allowing service agents enough time to resolve complex issues. Even better, the bots help seamlessly transfer conversations to human agents, based on the complexity of the query, so that customers don’t feel frustrated or ignored.

Connect and Engage with Customers on Social

When social media first rose to popularity, this time would have been spent primarily talking to friends and interacting with loved ones. This is no longer the only use for social media platforms. Today, customers want to engage with their favorite brands (and get their problems solved) on social media amid their personal scrolling.

Omnichannel for Customer Service provides the tools you need to connect and engage with customers on social media. It enables you to listen to your customers on Facebook, WeChat, WhatsApp and Twitter, and deliver a personalized experience across these asynchronous channels.

Utilize SMS for Engagement

With Omnichannel for Customer Service you can configure SMS channels for Twilio and TeleSign. Once the SMS channel is up and running, it gives your customers the flexibility to send text messages and connect with service agents on their mobile devices. Because SMS is an asynchronous mode of communication, it’s a great option for customers in areas where internet connection isn’t available to connect with your brand.

Unify Your Valuable Data

Omnichannel for Customer Service provides a single interface for all digital messaging channels. This gives service agents a multi-stream view of all conversations including active, closed and unresolved cases. On the dashboard, agents get alerts and notifications for incoming conversations, so no customer case slips through the cracks.

Avtex Can Help You Elevate Your Customer Service Approach

There’s no doubt that software solutions such as Microsoft’s Omnichannel for Customer Service are key to driving change toward better omni-channel support. But to really move the needle on customer experience, you must also modify your organizational structures and practices to resonate with today’s customer-centric omnichannel world.

This isn’t an easy thing to do on your own, but Avtex is here to help you implement the solutions that will modernize and grow your business. Regardless of the sequence of touchpoints that your customers traverse to address requests and issues, we can execute your CX transformation together. We’ll help you explore the product’s capabilities and create clear top-line strategies to deliver exceptional CX for your customers.