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As technology has progressed over the past decade, customer expectations have grown along with it. Long wait times and broken links aren’t considered par for the course anymore; customers now expect speed, ease, and security with every interaction, and if they can’t get it, they’re likely to lose trust and patience in your brand and may inevitably take their business elsewhere.

Customers are craving personalization, ease of use, and thoughtful outreach, and if you can give them that you’ll retain their loyalty. This is evident in the bottom line: according to Forrester's How Customer Experience Drives Business Growth, 2020 report, even the smallest improvement to customer experience can increase a company's annual revenue by anywhere from $26 million to $1.1 billion dollars, depending on the size of your business.

The good news is that meeting (or exceeding!) customer experience (CX) expectations to achieve this kind of growth is easier than ever – thanks to the continued emergence of smart technology and marketing solutions and the development of strategic CX consultants.

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What You Need to Transform Your CX

How do you know if your customer experience needs work? Key indicators include low NPS scores or Customer Effort scores, loss of repeat customers, low referrals from other customers, and lackluster social media comments or mentions.

So what does your business need to overcome these challenges? Delivering an exceptional experience to every customer, across every channel requires two core elements: CX design and CX orchestration.

Establishing a CX design is the first step in transforming the customer experience. This involves taking a step back to understand the functional and emotional needs and expectations of your customers and identify the methodology for ensuring every interaction and experience is centered around those needs, no matter the channel or circumstance. CX orchestration involves implementing the operational tools and technological elements needed to consistently deliver a meaningful omni-channel experience, and thus, bring the CX design to life.

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The most successful CX strategies consider how to make all orchestration elements work together (across departments, channels, and platforms) to ensure a holistic vision and approach. This has become even more important as the evolution of omni-channel interactions has intensified operational complexities and customer experience expectations.

So what CX orchestration components are needed to deliver the highest level of CX?

Pulling all of these CX orchestration elements together into one seamless, customer-focused service and selling approach will make the greatest impact on your customers. Conversely, lacking CX orchestration elements – e.g. incomplete customer data or disconnected marketing and sales processes – could lead to overly complex or inconsistent customer experiences, which is likely to result in customer attrition and growth challenges.

Bringing It All Together with CX Design

While successful CX relies heavily on the operational and technological elements described above, these orchestration components will be rendered useless without first establishing an enterprise-wide CX design strategy. CX design and orchestration must work hand-in-hand to deliver exceptional, transformative CX – without one or the other, it is impossible to ensure your CX reaches its fullest potential.

In other words, without a thoughtful, cohesive CX design, you risk investing your technologies and resources in the wrong elements of your customer experience, or, worse, improving one or two customer experience components while entirely neglecting others.

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Building CX design elements and CX orchestration components into a singular, unified CX vision and strategy will enable your ability to leverage technology and operations in a more focused, impactful way - resulting in the following benefits to your organization:

  • Increased customer value in all interactions, journeys, and channels
  • Enhanced opportunities to stand out against the competition
  • Boosted customer engagement, retention, loyalty, and sales results
  • Improved cross-departmental staff productivity and collaboration across

Now you understand how transforming CX can boost the success of your business. Yet knowing why to transform CX is one thing, knowing how to get started is another. Avtex understands that this process can feel overwhelming and complicated, that's why we've spent over 45 years helping businesses plan, develop, and execute their CX transformation strategy. Avtex has the CX innovations and expertise to accelerate your maturity and growth.

Looking to accelerate your CX maturity and growth?

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