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Earlier today, Microsoft announced the launch of its new Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare (MSC4H) platform. MSC4H is Microsoft’s first, industry-specific cloud offering and will help providers and other organizations reimagine the healthcare experience.

Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare combines the power of Dynamics 365 Customer Insights, PowerApps, Teams and more to help healthcare organizations transform the healthcare journey by:

  • Enhancing consumer engagement: Whether seeking care, scheduling an appointment or paying a bill, patients expect to be able to interact with healthcare organizations on their own terms. Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare offers the tools and functionality needed to meet these expectations and deliver seamless and personalized experiences.
  • Empowering health team collaboration: Effective health care requires the coordination and collaboration of multiple professionals, including nurses, doctors, specialists and more. Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare offers the communication and workflow management tools to empower clinicians to deliver the optimal care for every patient.
  • Improving clinical and operational insights: A comprehensive knowledge of every patient is critical to delivering the best possible care. Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare leverages robust data analytics and communications tools to help care providers make informed and efficient treatment decisions.

Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare has been designed to comply with healthcare regulations like HIPAA, ensuring that patient and member information is protected, private and secure.

MSC4H Launches at an Ideal Time

The COVID-19 pandemic has completely changed the expectations patients have of their care providers, insurance companies and pharmaceutical companies. Gone are the days of patients being beholden to a single provider. Instead, consumer-driven healthcare is officially here as patients seek the care options that will deliver the best outcomes, value and experience.

At Avtex, we are incredibly excited about the potential impact Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare can have on our clients. The platform offers the intelligence, automation and tools health care providers need to fundamentally transform the experience and treatment they provide to their patients.

As a preferred healthcare partner of Microsoft, we are already helping healthcare organizations transform their operations and Patient Experience delivery with Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare. In fact, our client, Mary Washington, is the first health system to deploy the MSC4H’s Patient Engagement solution.

“Mary Washington Healthcare is excited to be an early adopter of Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare. From early evaluation with our technology partner Avtex, we realized that MSC4H has the potential to be a market disrupter. It puts valuable, data-driven insights, decision making and execution at our organization’s fingertips like no other platform can. I am already imaging the many ways Mary Washington Healthcare can create customized patient experiences to improve the health of all those we serve.”

Lisa E. Henry, MHA - Director, Corporate Marketing and Communications at Mary Washington Healthcare

For more information on the launch of Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare and our work with Mary Washington Healthcare, read Microsoft’s latest blog article.

It’s Time for Healthcare Organizations to Act

With 81% of patients unsatisfied with their most recent healthcare experience, it is clear that providers must take action. Failure to respond to the changing expectations of patients will leave health care providers facing significant challenges to remain competitive within the marketplace.

Avtex can help. As a preferred Microsoft healthcare partner with a range of health care specific service offerings, including the Patient Reactivation Program which leverages Dynamics 365 Customer Insights, Avtex is uniquely positioned to help you seize the tremendous opportunity to improve the patient experience with Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare.