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For a CRM solution to be truly effective at supporting CX initiatives, it must possess many attributes, including:

Open Architecture

The ability to structure a CRM to capture and retain data from a wide range of sources is vital to the effectiveness of the solution. Without this flexibility, the solution is highly limited in its ability to support multi-channel communications and diverse customer experience (CX) efforts.

Ease of Use

CRM systems are driven by the manual and automatic entry of customer information. As an agent fields an interaction with a customer, they must be able to easily update the CRM in real time in order to document the interaction, the ultimate resolution of the customer's issues and any customer data that may have changed since the last interaction. CRM systems that are unwieldy or difficult to use limit the agent's ability to enter this data which in turn limits the CRM's effectiveness in CX initiatives. The most effective CRM will offer a streamlined interface, provide the capability to enter and view multiple media sources, and limit the number of clicks it takes for an agent to access and input data.

Simple Integration

For a CRM solution to operate at peak performance, it must have open, easy to understand API architecture that allows it to be easily integrated into the enterprise's other systems and platforms. Without the ability to integrate the CRM into disparate solutions, the information contained within the CRM is limited in its usefulness. For example, CRM integration into Interactive Intelligence's CIC® software will dramatically increase an agent's ability to field customer interactions and utilize data to resolve the customer's issue.

Detailed Reporting

The more types of information a CRM can store and report, the better the solution will support CX. The ability to create custom reports based on customer data is vital to the creation and execution of both marketing and CX initiatives.

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