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After a year of uncertainty, loss and financial stress, the healthcare industry received a boost when the FDA approved the use of the Pfizer BioNTech vaccine on December 11, and the Moderna vaccine on December 18. The vaccine brings hope to all healthcare organizations, their employees and patients.

The vaccine has also generated significant questions. Who will be vaccinated first? Does my provider have the vaccine in stock? When can I get the vaccine? Will it be covered by insurance? As a result, healthcare organizations are already seeing a significant spike in call volume looking for answers to these questions. I recently received an email from my provider stating, “our call center wait times may be long” and encouraged patients to check out their vaccine webpage. As the already high patient interest in being vaccinated increases, and as doses become widely available, we anticipate a significant impact to providers (health systems, hospitals and clinics) as well as to payers, pharmacies and other healthcare IT companies. At Avtex, we believe that this challenge will be compounded by the upcoming holidays and the traditional staffing challenges they present.

Given the limited supply and distribution challenges, these questions will continue well into 2021. One solution is to empower patients to leverage self-service tools. To help healthcare organizations deflect these calls and provide a better patient experience, Avtex has created the Vaccine Response Program.

The Vaccine Response program from Avtex leverages Genesys Cloud capabilities and Avtex IP to provide a chatbot that can be quickly deployed in less than 72 hours. Out of the box, the solution has over 100 pre-built FAQs that combine responses from various public and private sources, along with expert knowledge from the Avtex healthcare team. The Avtex chatbot template will significantly reduce the burden on your resources and allow you to accelerate your vaccine initiative. Your patients and consumers will directly benefit from easy access to up-to-date vaccine information and self-service which will lead to an improved experience and loyalty.

In order to help get you up and running fast with the Vaccine Response Program from Avtex, we have negotiated special license pricing and discounted our implementation fees. We want to do everything possible to ensure that our program can be quickly approved within your organization. Additional enhancements will be offered soon, including a pre-built voice bot and live agent transfer capabilities.

For more information, please contact your Client Account Manager or email me directly.