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In 2020 e-commerce became the primary method for customers when they were shopping for their favorite brands. With the holiday season upon us, customers no longer feel comfortable going to shop in person and are turning to online stores for all their gifts and seasonal needs. As a result, holiday e-commerce sales are likely to increase by over 25% as compared to last year, according to Deloitte.

Due to this increased web traffic, it is as important as ever for brands to make their digital shopping experience stand out against the competition during this holiday season.

Companies must consider how a unique holiday experience will impact the overall customer experience they provide and how this can drive sales conversions.

The Power of a Memorable Experience

Creating an experience around your product or service helps customers remember your brand when shopping for the best option for purchase. Research shows that price is no longer the only factor in purchasing decisions. The experience a customer has with a brand also plays a huge role. Thus, creating an experience around your brand could influence more success. Especially now, as customers are looking for experiences to end a difficult year on a more positive note, a holiday experience that resonates with them may drive them to purchase with you over a competitor.

Brands that can effectively integrate seasonal joy into their digital presence are likely to create a memorable experience for their customers, which results in more purchase activity over your competitors. In turn, these memorable experiences with your brand could ultimately drive deeper connections with your customer base, leading to long-term business growth and customer loyalty for your brand.

Initial Considerations

There are several ways your business can build a digital experience that embraces the holiday season. When evaluating these options and deciding on an approach, it’s important to consider how your customers interact with your digital brand so you are making changes that align with their needs and expectations.

Determining how you can deliver personalized experiences for your customers is among the most essential considerations when adapting your digital customer experiences. Integrating technology to transform this experience will expand your opportunities for personalization. Some of the things your organization should consider are integrating in-depth analytics and artificial intelligence as part of your personalization process, as well as implementing targeted campaigns with audience segmentation to properly connect with your customers.

Opportunities to Explore

From pop-up shops to unique packaging, there are a number of tactics you should consider when integrating the holiday spirit into your e-commerce experience.

  • Online pop-up: In-person pop-up shops have gained popularity in recent years. Stand up an online pop-up shop that highlights unique products or offerings for the holiday season, to differentiate from other online pop-ups.
  • Limited-edition products: Offering holiday-themed or limited-edition offerings can drive customers to purchase those products because of their limited nature and celebration of the season.
  • Gift guides: Shopping can be difficult for some people. Creating gift guides that include your products can help your customers while also introducing your products as part of the solution.
  • Themed pick-up experience: If your store offers an in-person pick-up option, integrating holiday visuals or themes can create a unique, memorable experience for your customer if they choose to visit your store.
  • Memorable packaging: With so many packages arriving on doorsteps this year, having unique packaging that makes your product stand out will give your customers an opportunity to stop and appreciate both your brand and product.

At Avtex, we understand the impact the CX you provide has on your company and your customer relationships. We are always looking for new ways to help your brand grow by leveraging our technology expertise and experience in CX strategy. If your brand is looking for new ways to leverage your technology to create memorable experiences for your customers, especially during this holiday season, let's chat!

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