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Today's business landscape looks different than it did six months ago. Retailers are being forced to pivot quickly in new and unknown directions, while many are looking into permanent solutions to avoid losing customers. There is no longer a perfect template for running a successful business that appeals to the right customer.

This leaves many businesses grappling with a new reality that critically impacts their business plans and their services. How can they continue to increase customer loyalty and encourage spending when many can't even reach their customer? Utilizing a platform like Customer Insights changes how a company understands its customer and the experience they are looking for.

The Last Best Experience

Competition is no longer about who offers similar products and services to your company. It’s about the experiences your customers are having with any company. The experience they have with those businesses impact their expectation of you, regardless of the product or service they received. This means that businesses are no longer just competing with direct competitors, but with the last best experience a customer had.

In this webinar, our industry experts explain how retailers are using Microsoft Customer Insights to better engage customers and increase revenue by as much as 5-10%.

Discover how the Customer Insights platform enables retailers to attribute marketing efforts to revenue generated, calculate customer acquisition costs, better engage customers with personalized messaging, and more. Learn what it means to have a clear, unified view of customer data to drive critical business decisions. To listen to this webinar click here.

Customer Expectations are Evolving

Customers expect a personalized experience from the brands they interact with. They are more likely to buy from a targeted social media ad than a generalized billboard. This increased desire for personalization has its benefits. Customers are now showing increased levels of loyalty to brands they that deliver personalized interactions.

Just like you, your customers have preferences and needs that need to be met. Customers want a brand to know who they are when they call in, then want to be helped with the problem they are having, and after that interaction closes, they want to feel valued in the weeks following.

Adapting to these new expectations makes your business more resilient and increases the likelihood that your customers will remain loyal. This shift can look different depending on where you expand and improve your experience. Providing consistent omnichannel experience, 24/7 service options, and personalized services are just a few ways that businesses are looking to expand on the experience they provide.

Leverage Data to Evolve with Your Customers

What stops many organizations from making this shift in their CX strategy is their siloed data. Siloed data means that a customer's information is limited from one team to another, preventing a holistic view. This is often due to the company not having a customer data platform that unifies the data and presents a customer with a complete profile.

Customer Insights is a customer data platform that creates unified profiles for customers that all teams can access within a company. All of your data is stored in one place and connects the dots between interactions a customer has with different employees. This platform unifies your data and gives you a holistic view of who your customers are and what they need.

As businesses shift and begin transforming their CX strategy to build better experiences, Customer Insights ensures that you know your customer. This approach to customer data allows your employees to develop better relationships with customers as they clarify customer needs. Your business is now able to identify what will encourage customer loyalty and repeat business.

Customer Insights can be easily integrated into your technology processes, which enables quick start-up and deployment. Your employees will be able to get a better look at how your customers have been interacting, allowing you to set a new baseline for the experiences you create for a customer.

If you're ready to get the full picture of who your customers are, contact us to start the conversation. At Avtex, we know the value of customer relationships, and we are excited to get you started on the same path.

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