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The SmartApps suite continues to provide new capabilities to increase the overall member experience offered by credit unions. SmartApps is a full-feature app suite that consists of multiple applications that work together with your core to expand and improve on the behaviors and actions your credit union currently executes. The first post in this series, "What is Smart Apps for Credit Unions," offers more information about the SmartApps suite's apps and capabilities.

The SmartApps Suite offers several features and benefits to credit unions. To make the most of the SmartApps suite for your organization, keep these strategies in mind.

Focus on Member Experience

Understanding the experience you currently deliver to your members is critical to determining how SmartApps can benefit your credit union. Technology is meant to support the initiatives your credit union sets forth. As you evolve your member experience to eliminate inefficiencies in your current system, technology, and the SmartApps suite will be critical in that transformation.

Take the time to examine the information you want your members to receive and how you want them to receive it. Providing too much information can have a negative impact. It could take more time for the customer to navigate your system before finding the information or receiving the service they came for.

Look at the big picture for the ways your technology, information, and data can be leveraged to reveal your credit union's strategic options. Utilizing apps such as SmartMessage and SmartTarget allows you to provide a customized experience to your members. SmartMessage will enable you to play related offers for a member when they call in while SmartTarget routes them back to an agent they have an already established relationship.

Strategic Message Targeting

When a member calls into your credit union, you want to target them with messaging tailored to their financial needs and account information. For example, if a member is in the right age range to be looking for a car loan, playing information related to your auto loan options while the member is on hold could point them in the direction they are seeking.

This strategically placed information improves the member’s experience by putting the most relevant information in front of them. Imagine if that same member was instead receiving communication related to retirement, which could have a negative impact on their experience.

Using a SmartApp such as SmartInfo, which offers customizable playback options, will allow you to look closely at how you place messages in front of your members. SmartInfo leverages the data housed in your CRM to offer numerous options to help you deliver information in ways that strategically target your customers. Utilizing your data in this way allows you to provide information in appropriate ways to every member.

Streamline Authentication

Security authentication, while a necessary process, can negatively impact member experience. This is especially true when a member is forced to repeat information multiple times to access the services or support they are attempting to reach. While protection is always appreciated, when the process creates friction, it can increase frustration and make the experience less enjoyable.

A SmartApp, such as SmartTeller, allows your agents to use previously authenticated information when a member is internally transferred. This allows members to spend more time working with your agents towards the solution they need, and less time providing authentication information to get started.

Ask yourself, "What if?”

At Avtex, we know that your members come first. We’ve worked hard to design the SmartApps suite to support that vision and demonstrate your commitment to your members. When considering the SmartApps suite’s impact on your organization, asking yourself, "What if?” allows you to find ways to delight your members in the smallest details. You will discover the places you are looking for a fix and can integrate SmartApps that will aid in that solution.

What if I could provide agents with scripts that lead members towards more useful information for them?

What if I could provide playback messages only on certain days of the month, so information is always useful?

What if I could ensure that my members feel like their time is valued by offering a callback option instead of placing them on hold?

Questions like these allow your credit union to engage technology like SmartApps to create unique and practical solutions that meet member expectations and provide exceptional member experience. Your agents will feel more capable for each call they answer and will have the ability to have efficient and supportive interactions with your members.

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