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How the Avtex Global Delivery Center Will Elevate CX for Employees and Customers

As a customer experience (CX) consulting and technology company, Avtex is committed to supporting memorable experiences. Avtex is expanding this mission oversees with the opening of our Global Delivery Center (GDC) in Hyderabad, India.

Through this global expansion, Avtex will be better positioned to strengthen CX for our customers and staff through enhanced agility, diversity and expertise.

Customer Impact

First and foremost, the opening of this new overseas office offers Avtex the ability to provide a global experience to our customers. Through this initiative, Avtex has access to a more diverse talent pool with an expanded set of multinational, multicultural experiences, enabling us to extend our expertise and improve customer relations in new ways. These global experiences will translate into added value for all of the customers we service.

Hyderabad is home to various multinational corporations in India, including Microsoft, Google and Facebook, and thus is uniquely positioned to attract exceptionally talented individuals on a global scale. By gaining access to this global talent pool, Avtex will be able to hire employees who are the best in their field and at the top of their game, without the limitations of borders. Growing our workforce in this way will allow us to evolve our expertise and agility, improve service, collaboration and the overall CX experience for our customers.

Overseas expansion will also grant Avtex the ability to build a more culturally and geographically diverse workforce, so that we may serve the needs of our global clients unlike ever before. Through attracting staff with a more diverse set of experiences, across multiple time zones, Avtex will be able to better relate to all our customers, so that we may deliver an exceptional customer experience no matter their location or background.

Employee Impact

The global expansion of Avtex also offers employment opportunities for individuals looking to have notable, high-visibility impact within a forward-thinking business and growing industry. Prior to the opening of this office in India, Avtex only had offices in the US and Canada. With the GDC opening overseas, international job seekers can place themselves at the forefront of the global expansion of a competitive organization.

Additionally, the new Avtex office offers individuals from all corners of the globe the opportunity to work for a collaborative, employee-centric culture. Staff working at the GDC will be uniquely positioned to add even more to the employee culture within Avtex by bringing in new, more diverse perspectives, expertise and life experiences. Avtex aspires to be an employer of choice for the market and skillsets that we operate in, and adding this new layer will support and broaden that mission.

The Avtex Global Delivery Center aims to expand diversification and expertise and enhance experiences for staff and customers in ways that can only be offered through cross-national, cross-cultural expansion.

Visit the Avtex Careers page if you are interested in helping to support our commitment to exceptional CX on a global scale.

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