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Employee Experience has become more important than ever as workplaces continue to undergo dynamic evolution. At Avtex, our priorities have always been to provide our employees with a supportive and empowering workplace where they have the tools to do their jobs well. We have high standards for our employees but ensure that we also have initiatives in place that make reaching those standards possible.

To help you develop exceptional experiences for your employees, we’ve assembled a list of the things we feel are most important to developing team morale and empowering staff members.

We Trust our People

Our people are knowledge workers, meaning their brains and experience are highly important to our success. We continually ask them to share the information they have and to exercise high levels of collaboration to complete projects. For us, how and when they choose to do that during their day is not as important as the knowledge they contribute.

This means that we choose to exercise an elevated level of trust and provide our employees with tools that eliminate our need to confirm that they are doing their job. We have a structure that empowers our employees to balance their project workload and personal life and build their schedules accordingly. We trust them to do excellent work because we give them the ability to do that.

Managing their own schedule is not the only way to display trust in your employees. Supplying your employees with opportunities to speak up and engage with their projects and others in your organization also empowers them to do their job. Trusting them to lead large group brainstorm sessions, communicate with other teams and manage their own projects provides an opportunity to step up, instilling a similar level of trust in their ability. When an employee feels trusted and relied upon for new initiatives this often transforms into a passion for their job and career.

We Understand that Our Employees are Whole People

When we think about the people we work with every day, we see whole people with families, hobbies, and interests that go beyond their careers. We encourage our employees to find the balance that allows them to continue to be diverse and curious, while also being a high performer for us.

We always try to give flexibility while also ensuring that we concentrate on finding new benefits that will help our employees take care of the other parts of their lives. It’s often the overlooked benefits and support – like pet insurance – that allow our employees to feel prepared for any issues that may arise and enable them to bring their best selves to their work.

Your employees work for your company because they found excitement and opportunity in their position. They are building a life with the intentions of living well and making contributions in their world. Working for a company that does not value them or see them as more than an employee completely changes that feeling. It’s critical to provide spaces where your employees feel known, valued, and supported.

We Focus on Building Culture

Collaboration and innovation are critical to our ability to create exceptional experiences for our customers. Giving our employees the trust and support they need to do great work enables them to engage with these principles and shape exceptional Customer Experience moments. The environment this has created in our organization allows us to hold onto the fire and passion we have for what we do and encourages our employees to feel the same.

Some of the tangible ways we’ve made this culture possible include having an employee recognition program that supports different peer-to-peer recognition. We also include discussion topics in management meetings that encourage our managers to stay engaged with their teams to know when more support or resources are needed. Finally, with so many remote employees, we have local donation and PTO options to encourage volunteering in their communities.

When your organization has a culture of empowerment and trust, it encourages your employees to perform and collaborate with each other. This environment alters the expectation of the quality of work that is being completed and raises the bar. When your employees feel prepared and confident it will absolutely impact the quality, efficiency and overall experience your customers have when working with your organization.

How to Get Started

If you're looking to ensure that your employees receive an exceptional experience with you, asking the following five questions would be an excellent place to start:

  1. How do your employees engage with their team and their managers?
  2. Does your current technology allow for collaboration and promote unity among project teams?
  3. Are your employees having video calls, and during those calls, are the members muted or on-screen?
  4. Do your employees feel empowered to speak up and incite productive ideation?
  5. Which of your competitors is currently providing a better experience than you, and why?

Using this information to build a roadmap for Employee Experience improvements can get you started on the right foot.

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