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How AI Empowers 3 Core Components of Customer Experience Strategy

The term “artificial intelligence” (AI) may bring to mind sci-fi movies about cyborgs and rogue computer programs. But today AI is ingrained in our everyday lives, and it’s a powerful tool for customer experience orchestration.

While the human touch is at the core of delivering successful customer experiences, you can amplify that human touch, without adding more work for your agents, by leveraging automation and AI in the right places. AI can empower any one of three core components of a customer experience (CX) strategy: customer enablement, agent enablement, and data analytics.

1. Customer Enablement

Delivering an effective customer experience begins with ensuring your organizations’ tools, processes, and teams are working in harmony. Without careful orchestration, your overall customer experience efforts may fall short of your planned strategy.

AI is a key element here. It’s an essential part of any modern tech stack, and its uses should be considered when devising your CX strategy. Both chatbots and voice bots can leverage the power of AI to make customer engagements easier, more seamless, and more efficient.

Chatbots automate initial conversations with your customers, improving self-service experiences by addressing simple needs quickly and effectively, with hyper-personalized technology that gets straight to the heart of an issue.

Unlike traditional customer service calls, bots have gained customers’ trust by providing solutions to common problems and questions without requiring any hold time or voice engagement.

In addition to helping companies deliver exceptional self-service experiences that foster relationships with their customers, chatbots also save businesses money by routing simple issues through AI. This often negates the need for agent involvement altogether.

With fewer live customer interactions flowing through your contact center, your agents will have more time and energy to focus on the issues that do require a human touch. So while one portion of your customer base is getting their needs met quickly and effectively through the bot, the others are getting your agents’ full attention.

At Avtex, we have the experience and expertise required to take the potential of AI and turn it into impactful solutions that you can leverage to transform your customer experience. We can build our customizable AI-backed chat and voice bots to empower your customers to find answers, make account changes, or address common concerns.

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2. Agent Enablement

On the agent side, AI-enabled bots are changing CX by empowering employees to do their jobs more efficiently and successfully, while freeing them up from mundane tasks.

For example, when a customer issue escalates from a chatbot to an agent, the conversation they’ve already had with the bot doesn’t go to waste. Instead, the agent receives the chat conversation ahead of the call so they’re aware of the customer’s needs before they connect.

Similarly, voice bots leverage AI to automatically convert speech to text and can recognize specific words or phrases, enabling them to direct customer calls to the correct area of your contact center the first time.

Using AI to handle simple customer issues outside the contact center frees up more of your agents’ time for more serious issues, which ultimately saves your business money and helps you deliver stellar customer experiences.

3. Data Analytics

AI doesn’t end at data collection, it also helps generate automatic reports that help the business tremendously. AI-run analytics programs can do the prep work for your data-driven decisions, finding patterns in customer data that allow you to build customer profiles and preemptively automate customer insights and next steps.

Don’t waste your time tediously sifting through huge amounts of data. Instead, leverage AI and machine learning to gain useful insights into your customers’ behavior and then use those insights to deliver seamless, memorable customer experiences.

Although it entered the common vernacular as a futuristic concept, artificial intelligence is no longer theoretical. In fact, it’s now integrated into our daily lives. The rapid advancement of AI has changed the face of CX, enabling companies to improve their contact agents’ productivity, deliver better self-service experiences to consumers, and develop a deeper understanding of their customers.

If you’d like to leverage the potential of AI to transform your customer experience, Avtex has the knowledge and experience you need in a CX partner. Reach out today to learn more.

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