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Holidays are usually only spoken about around the office as small talk or as a PTO benefit. However, I’m going to add one holiday that should be celebrated in the enterprise. It’s CX DAY! That’s right, today is the day we should all take a moment to appreciate and celebrate all things CX.

As a bit of history, CX Day was developed by the Customer Experience Professionals Association, or CXPA. For the past six years CXPA has encouraged CX leaders and professionals to celebrate the discipline, and the day and has grown rapidly as more companies embrace this chance to celebrate their customers and the staff that serve them. Large corporations like Disney, Verizon and Dell are among those celebrating the day and providing education on the importance of customer experience.

CX Day offers us all the chance to celebrate the professionals and companies that put effort into making experiences special for their customers. It’s also intended to promote awareness and spread a culture that fosters CX as a NorthStar for organizations.

Why should your organization celebrate CX Day?

CX is the driving force behind customer loyalty and confidence. It is one of the more sought after and measured differentiators in nearly every industry. Buyers are using it as a critical gauge of a brand’s value and dependability. Taking the time to celebrate the importance of CX, and the efforts your organization has taken to deliver exceptional experiences, is a great way to remind your employees of the importance of the discipline.

But it’s even simpler than that – you buy things too. Yes, you have customers and you probably have some level of charter for your role to promote better CX, but at the end of the day, ALL of this matters because we each play a dual role. When we leave the office (and sometimes during work… I’m looking at you Janice!) we are all consumers.

By celebrating CX Day, you’re highlighting the importance of putting the customer first and promoting better brand, consumer interactions.

How can you celebrate CX Day?

Much like any other holiday, there are many different ways you can celebrate CX Day. Some organizations host guest speakers or educational sessions focused on CX. Others take the day to reflect on their past CX successes and their plans for the future. Some companies encourage employees to take the day to network, either virtually or in-person, with other CX professionals.

At Avtex we’re thanking our staff who serve customers each day with some delicious ice cream and engaging conversations about the unique discipline that is Customer Experience. We’ll lift a bowl, cone or scoop to each of you and cheers the great work you’re doing to fuel exceptional customer experiences.

Want to to learn more about CX Day? Give us a call – we’ll share a celebratory scoop together.