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Last fall I attended the Youth Frontier’s Ethical Leadership Summit and had the honor of meeting Joe Cavanaugh - the founder and CEO of Youth Frontiers. Joe is a dynamic speaker and throughout the leadership summit, he drove home the point of unplugging, connecting with others and just being present. As a father of five myself, I took Joe’s message to heart, and I believe that his focus on mindful engagement is something we can all relate to – in both our personal and professional lives.

Over the years, Avtex has focused on supporting our local communities through charitable giving. Our Avtex Community Cares initiative donates money, time and talent to organizations focused on promoting the well-being of children, fighting rare childhood diseases and raising resilient children. At its heart, Avtex is a people business; from the team members contributing inside our company, to the clients we serve, our focus is always on people. We believe that Youth Frontiers is a natural fit for our Avtex Community Cares vision; providing schools with one-day retreats focused on inspiring students to lead lives centered around kindness, courage and respect. Having worked with over 700 schools across 13 states, Youth Frontiers has successfully helped countless students transform their lives.

As an organization, Youth Frontiers exists to inspire character and build communities. They believe that as a community, we are responsible for holding one another accountable for behaviors, and that we have a duty to stand up for one another. When we are connected and feel a sense of belonging, we treat people better and we treat ourselves better. Youth who purposefully and mindfully learn the value of character will integrate it in all aspects of life.

Avtex is excited to support the mission of Youth Frontiers and see the impact they are having on the youth of our communities. We are grateful to be able to contribute to their efforts in 2020, and to continue to fuel their progress. We recently invited Joe to share his message of intentional connection at our Avtex company kick-off on January 16 and we were honored to presented him with a $10,000 donation to continue building the programs at Youth Frontiers.

Character matters; today’s youth are tomorrow’s leaders, and we can’t wait to see what they achieve.