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Delivering the seamless experiences your customers expect is table stakes in today’s economy. At Avtex, we’ve been obsessing over fueling exceptional customer experiences since the beginning. We’ve studied the way consumers’ behaviors and preferences ebb and flow over time, and how new and emerging technologies impact customer journeys.

Our expertise and relentless focus on CX has amounted to a clear understanding of the essential technologies, platforms, strategies, and services needed to develop comprehensive and effective customer engagement programs.

Why Avtex Launched Elements, a Suite of CX Applications

That’s why we recently launched Avtex Elements, our portfolio of proprietary solutions, applications, integrations, and custom offers designed to fuel exceptional experiences.

To help our customers chart their own path to delivering stronger experiences, the Elements portfolio is strategically grouped by type, category, and technology platform. Whether you’re looking for a specific Element type like an Agent Desktop, exploring categories of CX like Agent Experience to enhance your program, or seeking a solution that can plug directly into your Genesys or Microsoft environment, you can easily and simply find what you are looking for using this intuitive organization model.

While individual Elements have value when they stand alone, their powers are tenfold when harnessed together.

For example, if you’re a retailer looking to stand up a commerce practice, you can easily leverage our custom offer, LaunchPad for Commerce, alongside our connector, 365 CommerceConnect for Shipping, and our analytics tool, DataView for Commerce. Together, these three elements enhance the Commerce Experience for any retailer.

Or maybe you’re looking to enhance your contact center and empower your agents to deliver stronger experiences to your customers. Leveraging an agent desktop like InteractionSync for Genesys Cloud alongside our WFM Adapter for Genesys Cloud will enable your organization to improve agent efficiency, drive agent satisfaction, and optimize operations.

How Elements Benefit Avtex Customers

Every company has unique needs and goals around their customer experience program - and that’s the beauty of the Elements portfolio. You can take what you need immediately, and leave the rest for later as needed. You can leverage your own set of Elements in your environment to drive to your company’s unique set of objectives and goals.

At Avtex, our sole focus is on helping our clients see success by fueling exceptional customer experiences. We built this mission because we understand the business value of delivering memorable, seamless experiences.

In a recent study, Watermark Consulting compared the performance of companies according to their Forrester grade for CX. This study incorporated more than a decade’s worth of returns and compared the leaders and laggards to the S&P 500. The study found that customer experience leaders outperformed the broader market, generating a total return that was 45 points higher than the S&P 500 Index. Conversely, the customer experience laggards trailed behind 120 points.

The business value of delivering exceptional customer experiences is undeniable. In order to be a CX leader, you must create an environment that differentiates your business and successfully serves your customers and your employees. With Avtex Elements, your company can drive extraordinary business value and achieve optimal performance across every interaction.

How Avtex Uniquely Approaches CX Innovation

This might sound strange coming from the Head of Innovation at a CX technology provider, but at Avtex, we don’t focus on pointed technology solutions. Instead, we focus first on better understanding your customer and their journey. Then we consider every problem from a holistic, 360-degree view of the customer experience. That’s when we diagnose the problems and prescribe the correct technology solutions to drive business value.

That’s what’s so unique about Avtex. We have a depth of technical and operational knowledge across the entire customer experience domain, starting with business processes, analyzing data, illustrating the range and diversity of customer engagement, developing agent enablement models, business prioritization, decision-making, routing, reporting, analytics, performance optimization, and more. Those are all crucial elements of the customer experience – and it’s all wrapped inside an ROI evaluation and approach that validates the targeted business outcome for our clients.

We have an unwavering, laser-focus on fueling exceptional customer experiences. And that’s something an SI or a marketing agency simply cannot compete with. At Avtex, we have no technology biases, yet we have the expertise across key platforms whereby the Avtex team brings unique consultative capabilities for each client based on their individual needs and priorities.

For years the hyper-focus on customer experience has been ingrained in our DNA. We’ve been committed to driving business outcomes for our clients. But looking toward the future opens even more doors for our clients and partners. The combined CX capabilities of Aria, Avtex, and TTEC will bring even more value to our clients and the greater marketplace.

In particular, Avtex and Aria have specialized distinct market and technology platform areas. Avtex has robust expertise in PureConnect, Genesys Cloud, Microsoft Dynamics, and SmartApps for Financial Institutions. While Aria has expertise in Genesys Engage, Salesforce and MultiCloud/Choice. Both companies worked for years to create high value capabilities across these platforms through solutions for Agent Desktops, Workforce Management integration, Analytics, Consulting, and Services.

As Aria and Avtex become further integrated into the TTEC family, the business value for our clients become even more pronounced:

All the major Tier 1 CX technologies will be under one roof, accelerating digital innovation with industry-leading IP, including API integrations, AI/ML and RPA, data analytics, and vertical-specific solutions for fraud, cybersecurity, and automation. The result will create a single source for seamless CX orchestration across every interaction channel that will increase speed-to-market and customer-centric differentiation for our clients.
Ken Tuchman, Chairman and CEO of TTEC

Whether you want to optimize agent performance, reduce operating costs, better understand your data, or eliminate silos and replace them with a unified CX solution, Avtex provides the essential Elements needed to deliver your North Star experience, and propel your organization forward.

I’m excited about the launch of the Avtex Elements portfolio. It includes a broad range of capabilities and we’re adding new Elements regularly. I have no doubt you and your organization will find valuable and transformative outcomes when you leverage our Elements portfolio.

Ready to fuel exceptional customer experiences?

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