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Mobile experiences play a crucial role in Customer Experience for many car owners. Recognizing this, the Ford Motor Company invested in developing an innovative application that gives vehicle owners the power to control their vehicle, track critical care data and even locate their vehicle in a parking lot.

Integrated cell connectivity systems are nothing new to car companies. The first system was launched in the late 90s, and since then, many companies have created their own versions. Ford’s system, known as FordPass, launched in the last five years with an initial free service that would eventually receive a monthly fee.

Realizing the impact the app can have on customer experience and their bottom line, Ford has now decided to make the app free for life and allow customers to add services to the app for an additional fee.

What is FordPass?

FordPass is designed to allow Ford car and truck owners to access complimentary remote features from their iOS or Android devices. While not all previous Ford models are equipped with this service, the newest versions have been provided with FordPass Connect.

Owners of FordPass equipped vehicles can remotely start their car or truck, lock or unlock their doors and track their vehicle in a parking lot. Users can also check essential vehicle vitals like fuel levels and even identify when it is time for an oil change.

Users whose vehicles are not equipped with FordPass Connect, can still leverage the FordPass app to store information like service history, warranty info and license plate numbers. The app can also help users find a gas station or restaurant, or locate the nearest service center when the time comes for maintenance or new vehicle purchases.

The Power of a Custom Experience

Ford understands that car ownership is a significant milestone for their customers and has taken steps to make ownership as enjoyable and easy as possible. For example, it can be difficult to keep track of the info you have on your car, including license plate numbers, warranty info, and VIN numbers. The FordPass app stores all that information and builds a custom profile for your vehicle and its history. The available information, combined with FordPass’ extensive self-help resources, such as how-to videos and feature descriptions, enables vehicle owners to make informed decisions for maintenance and future purchasing.

Ford has also integrated the FordPass Rewards program into the app experience. FordPass Rewards provides customers with the ability to earn and redeem points for future service trips, accessories and even new vehicle purchases. Customers can earn points by engaging with the easy to use service, maintenance and scheduling options available in the app.

Providing a custom experience for each of their car owners allows Ford to ensure that their customers feel empowered and connected to the brand. This experience creates less room for error for the customer, and helps them feel confident and prepared for any conversation they want to have about their car.

The Impact of Lowered Customer Effort

Owning a car can be intimidating and stressful for people who are not passionate car enthusiasts. It’s a big purchase and responsibility at any age and hasn’t always been a seamless and enjoyable process. Ford has turned that previously daunting process into an experience that lowers the effort a customer must put in and improves their experience simultaneously.

The combination of the reward system and the easy to use app capabilities transform the ownership experience by eliminating the stress and confusion some owners may feel. The app also provides a tangible connection between the owner and their vehicle, creating a virtual bond that otherwise may not exist. All of this changes how customers feel about owning their Ford vehicle. With FordPass, taking care of a vehicle is no longer intimidating or stressful.

Key Learnings from Ford’s Ownership Experience

Ford has cultivated an experience that significantly alters and improves the vehicle ownership experience for its customers. FordPass’ customized services and app information allows owners to understand the different components of their vehicle and feel confident in their knowledge and awareness of their car or truck.

While you may not be ready to develop a sophisticated mobile app, there are several lessons Ford teaches that you can apply to your own CX efforts, including:

  • Personalized experiences empower your customers to utilize all the services available to them because they feel confident that they are informed to make the right choice for their unique needs
  • Rewards systems increase customer involvement and stimulate the relationship between your brand and your customer
  • Lowering the effort required for your customers improves their relationship with your services and decreases insecurity or concern with utilizing new services or products

If your organization is looking to create custom experiences for your customers, contact us! At Avtex, we understand the value of providing exceptional customer experiences like Ford and want to help your company do the same.

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