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With the rapid evolution of the workplace, Employee Experience has become an increasingly important concern for many businesses. It is important to ensure that employees feel empowered, supported and valued. Utilizing technology, like Microsoft’s Power Platform, PowerApps, and Teams, can be invaluable when building an exceptional Employee Experience.

In one of our latest webinars titled “Enhancing Employee Experiences with Power Platform and Microsoft Teams,” we go in-depth on how you can utilize these technologies in your workplace. Below are five ways that you can use Power Platform and Teams to improve the employee experience.

Technology and business processes play a critical role in enabling your employees to continue to do their jobs in a crisis. Implementing effective tools and solutions that support common business operations, and training your employees to use them effectively, will position you to respond well to unforeseen events. During this webinar, we demonstrate how you can reinvent productivity, enhance employee experiences, and empower efficient collaboration in a remote workforce by pairing Power Platform and Microsoft Teams. You can listen to the webinar here.

Communicate Content and Data with Remote Workers

PowerApps makes it easy to build mobile apps or customize existing apps to deliver a seamless experience across all channels. Inside a platform like Teams, PowerApps can be used to create new options for sharing mission-critical content and information with remote employees. You can now leverage native mobile capabilities and add custom controls that improve the flow of information, making it easier for employees to remain informed and updated.

Increase Visibility with All Employees

Discoverability is key. Allowing employees to launch and share new apps adjusts how they view their ability to collaborate on and navigate new information. PowerApps enables employees to create new applications that extend the use of existing platforms and eliminate unnecessary manual processes. The apps can be shared in Teams and utilize different approval levels, allowing for team-wide collaboration in real time.

Enable Digital Transformation

PowerApps empowers your employees to take an active part in your organization's digital transformation. Intelligent solutions that employ natural language processing and image detection and built-in cognitive services through Azure, place the change in the hands of your employees. Their creativity will open the door to new digital solutions for previously manual processes that can also be integrated into your Teams app's channels. This allows your employees to both take an active part and witness the different opportunities now available to them through PowerApps.

Streamline Business Processes

The PowerApps Platform is critical for democratizing applications and finding business value by meeting employees where they’re at. Now that employees are likely to be working remotely, tasks that used to be simple, like receiving physical mail, have become complicated. These tasks can be simplified again by creating apps that can digitize the process. Custom apps make room for collaboration and finding a better way to accomplish tasks that are more efficient and guaranteed to be executed quickly.

Shift Your Employee Culture

Power Platform encourages collaboration through the ability to make apps quickly and share them with members of your organization. Your employees are now empowered to propose and find new solutions for tasks that are currently creating roadblocks in their day. This shifts your employee culture towards placing innovation and collaboration at the forefront and utilizing automation and digital transformation to make their days more productive and efficient. Your employees are now focused on driving your business forward and stuck on manual and inefficient processes.

If your organization is looking to engage with any of the ways we mentioned to enhance employee experience, talking with us is a great place to start. At Avtex, we understand the value of employee collaboration and utilizing technology to transform the way our employees engage with it.

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