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Journey mapping is critical for organizations looking to transform the experience they provide their customers. Understanding the unique journeys different customers are going through allows you to better tailor the experiences you are providing. Through the journey mapping process, you can also identify and alleviate pain points, and better understand the shifting expectations customers have of your brand.

What is Journey Mapping?

Journey maps are visual representations of the steps a customer takes to interact with your brand. An effective journey map sheds light on individual experiences and will help your team gain a higher level of understanding of potential pain points your customers may be encountering.

The best way to understand how a customer interacts with your business is to create a visual that your team can then tangibly interact with. This graphic allows your team to see the nonlinear journey your customer takes - from the first interaction they have with your brand, all the way through to repeated purchases or use of your services.

A journey map has the potential to benefit a wide range of stakeholders, most notably your customers, employees and investors. A journey map allows you to get a sense of your customer's motivations, pain points and ultimately the needs they want satisfied

The Journey Mapping Process

To create a journey map, you must first identify customer personas and align on those you plan to map. Then, select the journey or journeys you wish to investigate. You might consider mapping a common journey, one that needs work or one where you have seen a competitive threat in your marketplace.

Once you have identified the customer persona and journey you wish to map, it is time to gather the data necessary to build a detailed journey map. There are several sources to mine for useful journey mapping data, including customer analytics, digital analytics, contact center recordings, survey data, behavioral research and empathy-building exercises. Each of these sources will show different pools of information that will identify common behaviors or points of concern for your customer journey.

Once you assemble all the data you are then able to decide on a journey and begin mapping out the customer’s experience. A journey map should detail out each step your customer goes through to engage with your brand and the different experience they have depending on how they begin that process. The data you collected is critical in identifying the differences in a customer’s journey based on their touchpoints.

Using Journey Mapping to Transform Your CX

To transform your organization's CX, it is critical to obtain buy-in from all stakeholders, including leadership, before launching a journey mapping exercise. Holding yourself accountable for fixing customer problems and addressing their needs will be critical to your transformation, but impossible if you do not have buy-in.

There is a natural link between understanding your customer and the approach you take to connect with them. Journey mapping gives you a strategic approach to better understanding your customer's expectations and creates the alignment that is so crucial to this process. Through this alignment, your employees are better able to build custom experiences for your customers.

The deeper understanding of your customer, combined with the organizational buy-in previously established, allows for the frictionless transformation of your CX. Your organization is now able to make alterations to your CX strategy to better provide exceptional experiences for your customers. This new direction will also ensure that the experience you provide is of a higher quality and deeper connection.

Find Journey Mapping Success with Avtex

At Avtex, we understand the power of journey mapping and its potential impact on your organization. Our Customer Experience experts offer comprehensive journey mapping guidance and are available to facilitate journey mapping workshops to ensure the effective participation of all stakeholders.

With Avtex as your partner throughout the journey mapping process, we will help you gather and review the data needed to create personas that can then be mapped to fully understand specific customer journeys. Our team will work with you to select the journeys that should be mapped now and in the future. Once we create the data-driven journey maps you need to understand, improve, and design your CX strategy, we'll track and measure your progress as you alleviate pain points.

If your organization is ready to get started with journey mapping, we are excited to talk with you. Our CX professionals are continually finding new and innovative ways to transform the CX our clients provide.

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