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Marketers face a new reality as the use of third-party cookies crumbles. With the world moving away from cookies, new options are being revealed, as is the opportunity for brands to find a future proof solution that transfers control back to them.

In our recent webinar Third-Party Cookie Crumbling. Risk or Reward? Threat or Benefit? we spoke with experts from Audience Acuity to break down what is happening to third-party cookies and emerging solutions for a cookie-less world.

Why Third-Party Cookies Have Crumbled

Third-party cookies have been a staple for marketers looking to track their customers' and prospects' digital habits. These cookies are created by a separate domain that is meant for cross-site and audience tracking. Many customers now consider these cookies to be invasive and have disabled their access on their browsers, while some companies, like Google, are going as far as to phase them out completely. Customers are looking for transparency when information is being stored and are sensitive about where their data is going when it is used.

Marketers are now facing a massive challenge when trying to learn who is interacting with their brand online. It is no longer enough to track the device, but you also need to identify the individual behind the behavior. The added difficulty is that customer identity resolution must be done in a privacy-compliant manner across all channels to avoid sensitive data being stolen.

While the crumbling of the third-party cookie rattles the ad tech industry, marketers face the new reality of finding alternatives to enable accurate visitor identification. In a world moving away from cookies, what alternative do you have? This is an opportunity for brands to find a future proof solution that transfers control back to the brand marketer, this is due to an inevitable paradigm shift coming soon as the end of the cookie becomes reality. In this webinar, the experts from Audience Acuity break down the emerging solutions for a cookie-less world.

A Time for Opportunity

Alternatives to third-party cookies include a mixture of technology and consumer data companies who focus on the customers experience online while considering privacy compliance. Through these alternatives, brands are now able to completely transform their marketing tools to collect the information that will create exceptional experiences for customers.

Getting a brand to begin using a first-party cookie and making the consumer aware that their information is being gathered can be critical to any successful strategy. For companies using this information, it can be vital to get on board with consumer privacy and stay at the front of an evolving internet landscape before it permanently changes.

Unpacking the Alternatives

As marketers seek out the best solution for their brand and their customer tracking efforts, moving towards a people-based targeting strategy can alleviate the stress of this change. There are some essential items to take into consideration when looking into alternatives, including:

  • Deterministic linking: Creating holistic customer profiles that are associated with first-party cookies and corroborated with personal information can be critical to customer identity resolution. This information must also be stored in a privacy-compliant database to be successful.
  • Building omni-channel ID graphs: An Omni-Channel ID graph helps bring together relevant person-specific information. This information is no longer anonymous and can create a personalized experience for a customer or prospect.
  • Utilizing a Customer Data Platform: For any marketing efforts to be effective, your brand must have the tech that makes it all work. CDPs gives you the ability to create holistic profiles on a customer, unifying the transactional, demographic, behavioral and proprietary data you have stored.

For more information on eliminating third-party cookies and the opportunities available to marketers during this transition, our webinar Third-Party Cookie Crumbling. Risk or Reward? Threat or Benefit? is still available! Our teams are also available to talk more about the solutions available to your brand to create personalized experiences for your customers through the data you collect.

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