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Expanding to India, and building a team there, will have a ripple effect as we scale our offerings globally. Avtex has enormous value to provide to our clients and employees and having a strong presence in India is a critical step toward unlocking that value. We want to deliver exceptional customer experiences through transformation, orchestration and collaboration, and building a world class Global Delivery Center is the next step towards achieving that goal at Avtex.

In our line of business, employees are our number one asset, and we are focusing a lot of our energy into building a premier customer experience team and world-class work culture that fosters a lot of team collaboration, participation, and teamwork. Having experience in building teams in India, I understand that it starts with culture, leadership and perception. We view the Global Delivery Center as an extension of Avtex. We do not look at it as offshore, or as just outsourcing something, but as an extension of our North American offices; we are focusing on our corporate culture and operations in a similar manner. The tools we use, our processes, and even the language we use will all be similar across our global organization. We expect constant collaboration between all teams, and any facilities that we extend in North America will be extended back in India. We are One Avtex; whether team members are located at the GDC, one of our US offices, or working from a remote home office.

As we look to extend our culture into the GDC, we are looking to hire the best and the brightest to build our team. We want to hire team members who are in-line with our core values of excellence, innovation, integrity and passion. We live and breathe by those values, and it shows in all areas of our business. We want employees with a CX mindset, making sure they understand they are every bit a part of creating exceptional experiences. It’s also important that our new team members are excited about building something new, and about being part of Avtex’s exceptional growth.

As we look to the future, we have very ambitious and exciting growth plans focused on our north star of “fueling exceptional customer experiences.” Our GDC will open in Hyderabad, India in the coming months, but we also plan to quickly expand to other locations within India. Our team in India is expected to continue growing exponentially over next few years, adding a nice boost of talents and elasticity to Avtex in terms of global scale and deeper excellence in providing top notch customer experience.