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For many customers, inconsistent experiences across channels provide a confusing and frustrating brand interaction that leaves much to be desired. The most frustrating interactions include routing a customer to multiple representatives, forcing them to repeat their issue and failing to resolve customer issues immediately.

Frustrating experiences like this may be an indicator that your contact center lacks a true understanding of the needs of your customers. This can result from not capturing voice data or not having an omnichannel platform that empowers your agents to address customer needs properly through detailed customer information.

As incoming volume increases due to growing customer demand for digital communication, interactions need to be seamless across all channels. Voice data, primarily including recorded customer interactions, is critical to gaining insight into customer sentiment and developing emotional understanding through speech to text interpretation, creating a comprehensive data set without increasing customer effort.

As experts in customer experience and contact center solutions, we have explored the benefits of voice data through voice AI, bridging the gap between recorded customer interactions and business analytics to help solve your biggest challenges.

Creating a customer-centric organization is no longer a competitive differentiator – it is the new standard. Adapting to meet the evolving needs and expectations of your customers is crucial to effective customer service. Continually exploring new tools, strategies, and trends to improve your customer service delivery will help you stay ahead of your competition. Through our partnership with Call Journey, Avtex is helping organizations leverage the power of Conversation Analytics technology to identify CX gaps, improve the quality of their CX programs, and excel in today’s super competitive consumer landscape. View the webinar here.

What is Voice AI?

Most people are familiar with speech analytics, which is truly the core of voice AI and turning your employee conversations into actionable customer insights. Utilizing a voice AI solution like Call Journey enables your organization to access your audio data, turn it into voice data within an analytics system like Dynamics 365, and then pull valuable insights from the recordings.

Call Journey makes it quick and easy to push conversations from where they are happening into an environment where you can process for speech to text. You can then evaluate conversations and interpret both customer sentiment and emotional response to the interaction with an agent.

The Value of Voice Data

Brands are spending a lot of time, money, and energy trying to provide exceptional experiences for their customers, but they continue to struggle without comprehensive voice data. In order to enable frictionless experiences across omnichannel platforms, customer interaction data is key to understanding the needs and wants of your customers.

One of the largest and most commonly unstructured customer data sources is conversation data, as many companies don’t capture 100% of their contact center interactions. Through this data, brands can gather meaning from every conversation your employees have, evaluating to find commonalities among these interactions that may be negatively impacting your CX. Your voice data is crucial in understanding the experience you are currently providing to your customers and optimizing to ensure that interactions are frictionless.

Many customers still prefer to call when they have an issue with your product and service. When customers do reach out directly, they are openly working with you to find a solution and are likely telling you about their experience through that conversation. The insights you can pull as a result of these conversations can provide your business with a better understanding of how your customers feel about your brand and product, without asking them to exert any more effort to tell you.

In this webinar, our experts explore the benefits of implementing customer-centric Omnichannel support that includes voice data to bridge the gap between audio sources and business analytics to solve your biggest challenges. Some topics include: Harnessing the power of voice data to enhance customer experience, a demonstration of Call Journey and how to analyze conversational data in your Microsoft environment and leveraging Conversation Analytics to provide actionable insights across the business units. View the webinar here.

Invaluable Customer Insights

Engaging with voice data and speech analytics transforms the data your brand has access to and can give you a greater understanding of your customers through their interactions with your contact center employees. The potential insight gained through voice AI include:

  • Customer sentiment: You can interpret customer sentiment and emotion from your voice data that you were previously unable to gauge based on text interactions such as email and chat.
  • Engagement information: Measuring engagement can now be done through tracking customer frustration or conflict during a call, instead of previously using disengagement or silence as the indicator.
  • 360-degree profile: Voice data is the final information source that pulls together all your customer information as it can become the most significant source of customer interaction data that you access.

Bridge the Gap with Avtex

If your organization is looking to utilize voice AI, Avtex is here to get you started. Our dedicated speech analytics team provides your organization with the tools and resources to better understand and execute your vision. Our expertise comes to life through our relationship with Microsoft and Call Journey, combined with our experience utilizing their products as key partners.

For more information on voice AI, our webinar Omnichannel and Customer Experience: How to Take it to the Next Level is available on demand.

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