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As you may have heard, Avtex is opening a Global Delivery Center (GDC) in India. This is a strategic imperative for all our partners, but I am especially excited about what this will mean for our relationship with Microsoft. As a long-time partner, Avtex have earned a number of Microsoft awards around our innovation and sales achievement, and we have a strong history of delivering innovative solutions and unparalleled value to our mutual clients. By giving us expanded capabilities and increased talent, the GDC will allow us to continue to deliver – and exceed - that value.

As Microsoft continues to enhance their platforms for digital transformation and introduce new products to the marketplace, they need to have trusted partners they can rely on to keep up with demand. I believe that the Avtex Global Delivery Center will allow us to do just that. We’ll be able to meet the growing demand of our enterprise clients, deliver at scale, and reduce the time to value for our project outcomes by leveraging a highly integrated model with our global team. We will also be able to expand our managed services capabilities for our global clients that have a need for 24/7 support services.

The Global Delivery Center is going to allow us to go deep into targeted industries, like healthcare, retail, and financial services. By building teams from scratch to add to our end-to-end delivery capability in these key areas, Avtex can come to market in specialized areas we haven’t traditionally ventured into. And there’s no better way for us to go deep into industry than to represent our point of view through innovation and IP. The Global Delivery Center will allow us to continue to build our IP portfolio and develop a substantial amount of net new innovation at pace we haven't been able to deliver in the past.

We have started to build our team in India and are actively recruiting top talent. Our greatest asset at Avtex are our people, and we will be looking for many of the same capabilities and skillsets of our North American teams to add to our team in India. We are also laser focused on building the same outstanding Avtex culture within the GDC that employees experience throughout the rest of our company. These team members will have the same extensive training programs available to our North American teams, like our Avtex U program, fostering a strong sense of community, collaboration, and organizational culture.

I am excited about the many ways the Avtex Global Delivery Center is going to extend our services, not only for Microsoft, but for all of our partners. At the end of the day, Avtex is focused on enabling our clients to deliver an exceptional experience for their customers. Opening the GDC gives us the ability to serve a higher volume of customers, and in turn, deliver a higher number of exceptional experiences.