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Avtex is Proud to Help Clients and Our Community Traverse the COVID-19 Crisis

As we continue to navigate the COVID-19 situation and all the ways it has impacted us both personally and professionally, we are starting to see some glimmers of hope that this will one day be behind us. I am so proud to see how Avtex has responded during this unprecedented time in history. The long hours and creativity employees have put in to help our clients quickly push contact centers and employees remotely, set up customized emergency interaction tools and ensuring business continuity have all been impressive. I believe that this is a time when our clients are seeing more value out of Avtex than they’ve ever seen before, and we are truly galvanizing relationships.

Avtex has risen to the challenge and together we’ve had a major impact on our clients, their customers and patients. A few highlights that I’m proud to mention:

  • Working with clients in the healthcare space to quickly get their agents up and running at home. One client with 2500 patient-facing contact center agents all over the Midwest, needed to be moved to a virtual environment quickly. We got the request on a Friday, and by the following Monday afternoon our team had already moved their first 400 agents to their new cloud platform, enabling them to respond to the influx of calls and allowing them to act quickly to save lives.
  • Providing more than 300 clients with Genesys Rapid Response services, amounting to free licensing, remote services and consulting.
  • Working with CloudBreak to pivot more than 10,000 Translation Services video endpoints to provide Physician Infection Mitigation via video consultation and treatment to COVID patients, keeping the frontlines as safe as possible.
  • Creating a custom crisis communication platform taking massive data sets and adding contact info, allowing a healthcare provider to get critical COVID19 underlying condition information out to its patients via various channels.
  • Accelerating commercialization of technologies to address pandemic and infectious diseases for the Federal Government
  • Expediting an in-progress project with a bank as the COVID-19 pandemic really escalated in the U.S. We went live three weeks early, giving them the ability to quickly assist their members with critical loan forgiveness.
  • Offering clients insight into our four-phase crisis response strategy. We held a number of webinars and individual conversations focused on the steps businesses can take to effectively deliver exceptional customer experiences in the face of crisis.

Beyond helping our clients, we are also proud to be supporting our communities and those working in healthcare at this critical time. We’ve chosen two non-profits to support, Project HOPE and Feeding America, and we will match all employee donations through the end of May. We are thankful for those who are on the front lines and grateful for the important work they are doing.

Our collective leadership through these unprecedented times is demonstrating the value of great partnerships with world class technology. As we continue to support our clients and fuel exceptional customer experiences, I find it rewarding to be in a business that can help during this unfortunate health crisis. This is what Avtex is all about.