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I have always said that first and foremost, Avtex is a people business. Our clients look to us for our technology know-how and partnership to help them deliver exceptional experiences to their customers; that is our mission statement. Without passionate experts on our team we cannot accomplish this mission! Today, customer experience is a speed to market game, and to address the evolving needs of our clients, we must ensure that we are doing everything we can to provide the best, most advanced resources at a competitive rate – and growing our team is a part of that initiative. As part of a big step towards that goal, I am excited to announce that Avtex is opening a Global Delivery Center in Hyderabad, India.

Partnering with team members in India is nothing new for Avtex. Since 2014, we have been leveraging offshore talent around development work for our intellectual property, as well as to help with developing pre-sales presentations and proofs of concept. In fact, our previous initiatives based in India have worked so well we decided to open an Avtex Global Delivery Center in India! Avtex must be elastic in responding to our client needs, to respond quickly to enterprises wanting to rapidly fill digital transformation gaps and accelerate differentiating CX initiatives. By blending our North American team and our team in India, Avtex will continue to help our clients achieve the purpose driven CX and digital capabilities that they want, faster than ever before and at a cost-effective rate.

At Avtex, we operate in real-time to meet the needs of our clients, and I believe that this growth will provide the resources and the expertise needed to let us dive in and exceed the expectations of our clients. Our vision is to fuel exceptional customer experiences, and our Global Delivery Center will ensure that our clients can continue to rely on Avtex to deliver outstanding CX for their customers.