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The Employee Experience has become more important than ever as workplaces continue to undergo dynamic evolution. Employee Experience can be defined as the perception employees have of their employment with your organization. This perception is developed over days, months, and years as employees work to advance business goals and complete the tasks of their position.

Delivering exceptional employee experience is crucial to the long-term success of any organization. At Avtex, our priorities have always been to provide our employees with a supportive and empowering workplace where they have the tools to do their jobs well. We have high standards for our employees but ensure that we also have initiatives in place that make reaching those standards possible.

One benefit of building an organizational culture centered on employee experience has been the downstream impact on our clients. Our team members are empowered to spend more time and consideration building client relationships, knowing they have the support of our organization in doing so. We believe this allows our team members to better understand our clients, empathize with their needs, and ultimately serve them better.

We wanted to take some time to talk with our teams on how we evolved our employee experience to this point and the value behind our process.

Realizing the Intrinsic Benefit

Your employees are navigating customer relationships every day. When they have the time and energy to focus on those relationships and provide an experience that is tailored to support your customers, your team can truly provide an exceptional experience. Understanding the environment your front-line employees are working in, and how you can strengthen the experience they are having, will ultimately impact the way they work with customers.

Kate Kompelien

Director, Customer Experience Solutions

“If your front-line employees are not getting a good experience with your company, chances are, your customers are not either. It’s important that you have in-depth conversations with your front-line employees to uncover what is getting in their way of delivering a positive customer experience. By including them, they will be much more invested in making the changes necessary to providing a great experience.”

Investing in your employee experience means you are also investing in customer experience because you are cultivating an environment that places your employees are stakeholders in the experience they provide your customers.

Embracing our Process

At Avtex, we are confident in the value behind investing in employee experience because we’ve seen the value firsthand. We built a culture that our employees want to be a part of, and we continually strive to show our employees how highly we value them. We believe that a culture of strong employee engagement allows our team members to transform into incredible brand ambassadors who develop deep, lasting relationships with our clients.

Sarah Klaas

Executive Vice President of Human Resources

“Our focus on the employee experience starts with the warmth our candidates feel from their first interview and continues to the community our employees experience throughout their Avtex careers, creating a culture that employees want to be a part of. By prioritizing employee experience, Avtex has created connection in a time where connecting has become increasingly difficult. In turn, we’ve seen our employees continue to provide (and in some cases, elevate) exceptional customer experiences.”

Evolving and adapting to the changing culture our employees are living and working within is a critical component of our process, and one that we believe ensures that their experience with us supports them through life and work.

Understanding How to Strategically Prioritize

We believe that remote operations and distributed employees will remain a prevalent trend as businesses navigate a post-pandemic world. Decentralized workforces are going to remain common, but as a result brands will see reduced operational costs and heightened flexibility. To succeed in this environment, it will be critical for organizations to identify and implement new tools, technology and resources that support the experience they wish to provide.

In his recent blog post How to Adapt to the Decentralization of the Workplace in 2021, Avtex Chief Business Officer, Bryce Gibson, spoke to some of the key considerations organizations should keep in mind when looking for new tools. “Consider ways to simplify job functions for employees to reduce their work-related stress and enhance the overall employee experience. Agent enablement solutions can instantaneously provide your customer service agents the right customer, product, or company information, and without having to navigate to a new screen. Providing your staff with tools and resources to perform their jobs with more ease and efficiency will enable them to support customers with less stress and confusion.”

Knowing the experience you want to provide your customers can help you evaluate the current and future state of your employees and give you an idea of where to start with transforming your experiences.

If your brand is ready to begin creating an exceptional experience for both employees and customers, we are ready to help you get started. We believe in working with you to deploy solutions that elevate your business in a way that works for you and at the pace that you feel confident in.

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