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Since many of us first saw C-3PO on screen in the original Star Wars, artificial intelligence has been rooted in science fiction. Today, AI is no longer just a fantasy but can be a vital tool for expanding your intelligent business practices and providing excellent customer service. While we are light years away from having droids like C-3PO who can understand and fluently communicate in over six million forms of communication, many leading brands are utilizing AI every day in ways that go under the radar.

In 2011, Apple released Siri for the first time on the iPhone 4s, and launched a worldwide competition to make our personal devices become personal assistants. Siri was the first version of notable AI that many people experienced first-hand. Within the next six years, Google, Windows, and Amazon all released their own AI systems, all of which became household names. Alexa specifically has reached new heights by becoming ingrained in the culture of online content and integrated into home automation as people have begun to understand and expand the ways that AI can simplify and improve their lives.

Until recently, implementing AI in your business was expensive and complicated. Business leaders knew that it was part of the landscape but didn’t understand the ways they could successfully integrate AI tools into their strategy, or what it could specifically help them achieve. As AI has developed, businesses have become more aware of the ways it can be utilized, and have started to get curious about what options exist. What many people don't realize is the extent to which many organizations are actively using AI in their daily operations already. Processes like voice to text, email categorization, process automation and virtual assistants are all examples of how brands are integrating AI and improving their businesses.

Emma: A Digital Real Estate Assistant

At Avtex, we have experience helping businesses embrace AI. Edina Realty is one of the largest real estate companies in the nation. They are committed to helping their over 2000 agents develop trusting relationships, guiding each and every customer through the process of buying and selling a home. Edina Realty turned to Avtex for assistance on this commitment, and we created Emma, a digital real estate assistant. Emma streamlines communication, information access and data management- allowing the agent to focus on delivering superior service and building vital customer relationships. Things like activity reminders and intuitive voice interaction for questions like “who should I call next?” streamline an agent's day with seamless communications.

Unlock Business Potential with AI

Getting started with AI has become a simple but crucial step for brands that want to grow their businesses. Artificial Intelligence allows organizations to automate the manual processes that consume their time and limit their potential. Creating a seamless and supportive process unlocks the potential a business has to grow and getting started with AI is easier now than ever before.

  • Chatbots for CRM Strategy: Simple requests can be answered quickly with relevant information across all platforms. If the request becomes complicated, a bot can move the customer to a real-life agent interaction and then automatically store information in your database.
  • Intelligent Interaction: Similar to the way Emma benefits Edina Realty agents, an AI system that aids your employees with predictive movement and automated reminder systems can improve, enhance and simplify day to day operations. AI can empower employees to focus on the people involved in their jobs, and not the data.
  • Customer Independence: AI enables you to provide your customers with the option to find a solution on their own. Customers can navigate your support system independently by being directed from one solution to another, no longer having to work with one of your employees for simple questions and information.

If you are interested in learning more about Emma, we have a case study available now on our site, and you can expand your information about AI with our post “AI is Changing the Customer Experience Forever.”