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A Phased Approach to Integrating Cloud Solutions

The COVID-19 pandemic accelerated the shift towards digitized and flexible working, and as a result, the shape of modern companies is changing fast. As many workplaces move to a hybrid model – combining a blend of onsite and remote working – it can be challenging to continue to meet the needs of all team members. Tools and resources that are only available in the office will be missed by staff working remotely, and many businesses are moving to the cloud to assuage this issue.

For many companies, migrating to the cloud is a good strategic decision, but there’s more to a successful cloud migration than just moving data. In reality, few organizations are fully prepared to make a complete leap to the cloud. Embracing the cloud provides a great opportunity to evolve the way they do business, but for most organizations, a phased approach to cloud migration might be the most suitable strategy.

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Why Cloud?

Moving your contact center to the cloud offers numerous financial and logistical benefits. For example, your team will have vast flexibility in terms of the scale and speed of their frequently used business applications and platforms. The cloud is the perfect solution for the future of hybrid working, and can offer a seamless, unified experience for employees across all locations and channels.

Migrating to the cloud is also a great way to future-proof your business. Most software providers now take a ‘cloud-first’ approach, which means that the newest features and functionality will be optimized for cloud-based users first, with options for automatic upgrades. By giving your team access to the sharpest tools, you will be able to keep your business competitive, and ready for anything the future brings.

Even though the cloud has numerous business benefits, making the move is still a big decision. Adapting to new processes and ways of working is tough for all businesses, but with a thoughtful and sensitive approach to cloud migration, your company can get the best of both worlds. By setting migration phases and carefully controlling the pace, you can assess whether the cloud is the best move for your business after your team has had some time to get used to the new technology.

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The Phased Approach

Effective cloud adoption requires a comprehensive strategy, both short and long-term. By working in phases and keeping cross-functional teams in sync, you will be able to migrate to the cloud efficiently and cost-effectively. Here are the main phases of cloud migration:

Current State Analysis

To obtain maximum ROI from cloud adoption, it is critical that your business is ready. Begin by taking a comprehensive look at the current state of your business and consider working with a company that can offer an honest, detailed assessment of your cloud readiness.


Once you’re ready to migrate to the cloud, create a roadmap for navigating your journey. You’ll need a detailed plan for processes, people, and technology in order to decide how, where, and at what pace to begin your migration.


To ensure a successful implementation, many companies decide to start small with a pilot program. Choose a department within your organization to pilot the cloud version of your platform or software, and troubleshoot any issues before you roll out the change to the rest of the business.


Once your pilot program is running successfully, it’s time to go company-wide! In this phase, you’ll roll out the cloud to other departments within your organization.


Once everyone in the business has access to the cloud, focus on getting them excited about the changes. It’s a good idea to create an internal support network for questions and troubleshooting. Early adopters – such as those from the pilot group – should act as subject matter experts and advocates who can help introduce cloud best practices to other members of the team.

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Avtex is eager to help assess your business readiness for cloud adoption, and outline and finalize your approaches for cloud migration. We’ll begin by reviewing the state of your current technology ecosystem, and your security needs. Next, our expert team will deliver a plan to bring your new cloud solution to life smoothly. From deployment to customization, we are there every step of the way to ensure your cloud adoption goals become a reality.

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